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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Waterproof Watches--A Great Tip for a Great Trip!

As our Disney experiences add up, people ask us questions or make various inquiries.  We have moved beyond the “why do you keep going back?” to “what’s the best advice?” or “what’s your best tip?”  These questions are harder, as the answer depends on many variables; including how much Disney experience the person has that is asking us the question. 

What I will say is that there are things we have learned that make our trips easier or less frustrating, which is the main purpose of the Williams Family Blog.  And, one of the things we do for our trips, any trip, is to make sure we have and wear waterproof watches.  Yes, we are on vacation, but we still really need to know what time it is!

At Walt Disney World, guests grab a Times Guide upon entering the park.  In order to enjoy parades, shows, and fireworks, guests need to know the time.  Fastpasses have return times.  Dining reservations are for a specific time.  Parks open at a certain time.  Yes, I could check my phone for the time, but I have it stored in a secure location, so my watch does the trick.  And, visible clocks in the parks are relatively few.

Okay, but did you really need to know what time it is on a Disney cruise?  Yes!  The Personal Navigators that guests receive nightly indicate activities by time.  Restaurants open at specific times.  Dining, shows, character meetings, and special events all begin at a certain time.  Clocks can be found in staterooms, in the lobby, and on the Disney Dream on both Decks 11 near the pools and 13 near the basketball courts.  On Castaway Cay, lunch is served from 11:30 until 2:00 pm, excursions have specific meeting times, and of course, guests have to be back on board the ship on time and I have yet to see a clock on the island.  Personal cell phones are less viable while sailing due to the possibility of international phone charges.  Also, you are more likely to change time zones on a ship, making watches even more important.

You would be amazed by the number of people who ask us what time it is.  We are happy to help.  And, if we get a chance, we tell them how much we appreciate our waterproof watches.  Waterproof watches can be purchased at local retailers relatively inexpensively.  I purchased our on-line at RumbaTime which makes weightless silicone watches and got all three watches for $30.  That’s $10 per watch!  

Another bonus, they breeze right through airport security; no need to take them off.  This is one less thing to worry about as we make our way through security with personal items, carry-on bags, shoes, liquids, etc. 

Do you have your waterproof watch?

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