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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sailing With Disney Cruise Line--Our Easiest Vacation!

“What was the best part?”  “What do you like best about cruising with Disney?”  “What is the most magical part of a Disney cruise?”

Those are some of the typical questions we get asked when folks find out that we just completed our fifth Disney cruise.  I find the questions difficult to answer, but the husband seems to answer them easily.  Maybe I put too much thought into my response, trying to judge what is behind the question or discern what the question asker is really getting at.  So, I am going to attempt to answer the questions posed above simply and efficiently, the way the husband would answer them.

“What was the best part?”  The best part of a Disney cruise that stops at Castaway Cay is Castaway Cay.  Hands down.  We have sailed 5 times and have now spent 7 days at Castaway Cay.  It is paradise, a tropical paradise.  Beauty, cleanliness, activities, ice cream, lunch, frothy drinks, warm sand, and Disney characters all in one place.  Did I say it was paradise? 

We have taken one Disney cruise that did not stop at Castaway Cay and it always felt like there was something missing from our cruise.  Don’t get me wrong, the cruise was great, it was just that we missed Castaway Cay.

“What do you like best about cruising with Disney?”  Ease.  Cruising with Disney is the easiest vacation we take.  Everything is easy, including booking your next cruise!

When I was at a shop at Hollywood Studios waiting on the boys and wearing my Castaway Club lanyard, a Cast Member working in the shop asked if I had just sailed.  I said yes and we went on to compare stories about sailing with Disney.  Seems this Cast Member's “Nana” had worked for Disney Cruise Line since before the first ships were built and she had 18 Disney cruises to her credit, not counting her upcoming Mediterranean cruise this summer to celebrate her college graduation.  She completely understood when I said it was easy.  Here I was standing in the middle of Hollywood Studios in the middle of Walt Disney World explaining that sometimes “this can be hard” meaning navigating the crowd, buses, dining reservations, weather, etc.  It is never “hard” on a Disney ship or at least from our experience.

“What is the most magical part of a Disney cruise?”  Okay, this question is too hard, as there are tons of magical parts. . . when your server cracks open your lobster and pulls it out in piece, or when your stateroom host leaves towel figures for you decorated with Sleepy chocolates, or when Goofy appears in his pajamas for a photo op, or . . . the list goes on and on.  So, I’m changing the question to “What is the most relaxing part of a Disney cruise?”

Ah, that’s better.  This one I can answer.  The most relaxing part of my Disney cruise was being on Castaway Cay sipping red, frothy, adult beverages.  I had no cares in the world!

I can also tell you I took more naps on this vacation.  I napped on Deck 11 near the pool.  I napped near the pool at Coronado Springs.  I napped on Castaway Cay.  Water, sun, warmth, relaxation. . . I’m sensing a pattern here.

When we returned home, our favorite travel agent phoned to inquire about our trip.  In addition to appreciating her for the call, I told her that if she has any clients on the fence about cruising with Disney to feel free to have them call me.  I would do my best to alleviate their fears.  The husband is taking a whole different route to promoting Disney Cruise Line and that is to try and get the boy hired as a spokesperson.  The phone hasn’t been ringing for either opportunity. . .yet!

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