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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, November 15, 2012

When Are You "On Vacation"?

The months, weeks, and days leading to a Disney vacation can be very exciting and filled with anticipation.  The levels of excitement and anticipation can vary by person but also vary as to when the excitement “kicks in.”  While I am full of anticipation 4 months before a trip, the husband takes a little longer.  Our exchange goes something like this. . .

“Are you excited yet?”  I query anytime prior to a trip.

“I’ll be excited when we leave,” is usually his first response.

When we are packed and ready to go, I try again.  “Are you excited yet?”

“I’ll be excited when we get on the plane,” the husband responds.

Fast forward to us getting on the plane, “Are you excited yet?”

“I’ll be excited when we get to (the resort or the ship),” becomes the new answer.  And, this type of exchange can go on for some time.  Does he eventually get excited?  Yes!  And, it happens when he considers himself actually on vacation. 

So, when in the course of leading up to a Disney vacation do you go from “getting ready” for a Disney vacation and actually being on vacation? 

My “on vacation” mode starts early in the process.  I am on vacation the moment my work or other obligations end, even if our traveling begins later.  There may still be things to do and items to check off the list prior to travel, but as long as I am on my time I consider myself on vacation.

For others, being on vacation begins the moment they leave home.  The bags packed and wheels turning means vacation and folks switch into vacation mode.  My vacation mode ramps up a bit at this point, as the vacation bubble has been inflated and we are being enveloped with no worries. 

Some may feel that they are on vacation when their transportation is at their final destination.  The husband could fall into this category with a “I’ll be excited when the plane lands in Orlando,” almost as if being excited prior may somehow keep the plane from landing in Orlando.

Still others find that they are “on vacation” when their feet touch Disney property be it a resort or a ship.  They feel the shift from getting there to being there that determines their “on vacation” status.  Slipping into the “Disney bubble” can be the determining factor at this point in the vacation.

Then there are the few that deem their vacation status not complete until they walk through the gates of the Magic Kingdom and feast their eyes on Cinderella’s Castle.  Goose bumps and tears may be involved if this is when a vacation begins.

While there can be many stages when a person determines that they are officially “on vacation” there is no one right stage as witnessed by our family.  The juxtaposition of our varying “on vacation” modes makes for some comedy and interesting exchanges.

The important part is to actually realize you are on vacation before your vacation comes to an end.  I have seen this happen with the folks who are so busy planning and navigating their time to make for the perfect vacation that they never really get to vacation mode.  Yes, traveling to a vacation destination like Walt Disney World does require planning and I would be one of the first to tell you that.  But if much of the planning and decision making is done prior (and adding to the anticipation I might add) then the vacation itself can be just that. . . a vacation.

When do you consider yourself “on vacation?”

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  1. My hubby is the same way... He will not be excited for a trip until we are either on the plane or the cruise boat. I get excited for trips super early... Months out. However the day of travel I am a giant stress ball who cannot relax until we are checked in to our hotel or cruise.