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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Santa Paws 2012

Our winter holiday kick-off week-end also included Santa Paws, a fundraiser for our local humane society.

Each year our local Earl May provides a beautiful backdrop for photos along with a volunteer photographer, Santa, and donation of photo processing with all proceeds going to the local animal shelter. 

The volunteers running the event dote on each animal and provide a treat after the photo is taken—even the humans get a candy cane from Santa.  Many of the volunteers remember our dog, Phoebe, from previous Santa Paws events and her stay at the humane society, as we adopted her from the shelter.

Santa was in the holiday spirit and gave his hat to the boy to wear for the photo and had our 45 pound (not a lap dog) on his lap.  This was the second Santa sighting for the week-end and the same wish list was announced by the boy—games for his Nintendo 3DS XL.  Santa took note and is way ahead!

The photos are available for pick-up on Wednesday following the Sunday afternoon event at a local photo shop.

We also took some time to browse the beautiful displays at the garden center and see other animals.  It was a great afternoon and a great event.

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