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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pioneer Ridge's Annual Halloween Night Hike October 2012

Pioneer Ridge, part of the Wapello County Conservation Commission, hosted its annual Halloween Night Hike this week-end. 

Guests were treated to eight stations featuring portrayals of animals that fit this year’s theme “Don’t Wake The Bear!” or hibernation. 

When guests finished the tour they found sweet treats, hot chocolate, balloon animals and swords, face painting, and other activities in the Nature Center.

Let’s go on the hike. . .

The bears welcomed guests to the hike at station one.

A beautiful butterfly came next that is indigenous to Iowa and actually hibernates through the winter.

Frogs can actually freeze and thaw out within 10 hours.  This frog hibernates near water in the mud, in the brush, or under rocks.

The boy and husband portrayed Ornate Box Turtles.

Salamanders were next on the trail and told us about how their body parts can regenerate and the reason salamanders are know as fire lizards.

The skunks told us that they “spray” only when mortally threatened and empty their scent sacks when they wake up throughout the winter.

The groundhogs told their tale with a song.

Chipmunks are typically loners but were BFF’s for the night hike.

There were guests of all ages that enjoyed the hike!  To read more about previous years’ hikes click here and here.

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