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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Disney Husband

I was visiting with a fellow Disney fan, who is not married, the other day.  She said she was going to have to find a “Disney husband.”  That got me thinking about the possibility of singles meeting in the most magical place on earth and I’m going to do some research about that, but it also got me thinking about whether or not the husband was a “Disney husband”. . . when we got married.

When we got married our Disney trip score was 2 to 1.  Two trips for me to Walt Disney World, once in elementary school with my family and another family and then again on a senior spring break trip with my friend Teri (which was really a one day trip to Magic Kingdom just to be clear.)  The husband had been to Disneyland in California with his family and extended family that lived in the area as a child.  Over time, I had collected several Disney videos, a Mickey Mouse planner, a couple of sweatshirts, etc.  I had a fondness for Disney that had lasted through the decades, almost like a latent or dormant disease waiting to be unleashed.  There was no talk of Disney except that the husband had expressed a desire to someday visit Walt Disney World.

When our son was born, he and I both became transfixed by the Travel Channel during our late night feeding and rocking sessions.  And, while I remember pouring over the Big Red Boat brochure I picked up during spring break 1984, I fell for the Disney Cruise Line segment on the Travel Channel.  Knowing the husband was turning 40 and having funds available, we booked our first Disney cruise to celebrate the big 4-0.  It was June and our cruise wasn’t until March.  The more we dreamed, thought, and planned, it became crystal clear to me that we would get much more from our cruise if we had already visited Walt Disney World (don’t you just love my logic!?).  So, our first trip to Walt Disney World took place in November, just four months prior to  our cruise.

With two magical Disney vacations within four months of each other, our addiction was ignited.  We were certified Disney fans.  To calibrate our addiction, we took two “non Disney” vacations just to make sure.  Yep, we were certain that Disney was our thing as the whole time we were making comparisons, which was why we did it in the first place.  So, we were back to Disney and have stayed there ever since.  

So, is the husband a “Disney husband?”  Well, he wasn’t when I married him, but he sure is now.

How does a husband designate himself as a “Disney husband?”  This is more elusive, but I would have to say he goes to Disney to play.  He brings his game!  Even though he would love to sleep late, he gets up so we can be at rope drop at the parks.  He plans, sorts, and displays his pins for trading.  He wants to wear silly hats and smiles for all the photos.  He rides the rides with a smile and his hands in the air!  He stops for character autographs and talks to them like they are real.  He even gets and gives character hugs.  He will wear matching shirts even if they are pink!  He volunteers to be a part of the magic by being in various shows.

He also carries needed items in a backpack.  Each morning, he dutifully repacks the park touring bag to ensure any needed items are present and is able to whip out essentials in a moments notice. (I think that is from his Scout training!)

For me, it is fun to watch this normally reserved, quiet guy with a witty sense of humor come out of his shell to embrace all the magic that Disney has to offer.  He is happy at Disney, even when his feet hurt, and he is hot.  As he so eloquently puts it, “A hot day at Disney with sore feet beats any day not at Disney.” 

The husband has definitely evolved into a Disney husband and I hope that never goes away!

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