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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pioneer Ridge's Annual Halloween Night Hike October 2011--Magnificent Migrators

Want to have some fun, learn about animals, and enjoy a fall evening?  That’s exactly what many guests experienced at Pioneer Ridge’s Annual Halloween Night Hike.   Our county’s Conservation Commission teamed up with a crew of volunteers to offer two evenings of "edutainment" about animals that migrate, as the theme for this year’s hike was Magnificent Migrators.

Guests began at the Nature Center at Pioneer Ridge and were formed into groups of 15-25.  Groups left with the Natural Center every 10 minutes with a guide to make their way around the 1.5 mile paved path to visit the various stations where migrating animals were being portrayed.

First up were the pelicans—a mama and “teenage” pelican.

The path continued to the hummingbirds—a mama and child hummingbird were being portrayed.

The dragonflies were up next.

Silver haired bats were next on the trail and were the only migrating mammal in the bunch.

The endangered Sooty Shearwater birds were next to share information with guests.

A Monarch Butterfly shared its needed migrating conditions with guests.

A family of Canadian Geese greeted guests at the next to last stop on the trail.

Lastly, a pair of salmon informed guests in between their bickering.

When guests completed the “hike” portion of the evening, there was even more fun. . . and goodies, waiting for them in the lower level of the Nature Center. 

Volunteers provided cookies and other sweet treats along with coffee and hot chocolate. 

Balloon figures were available for the kiddos.

Cotton Candy was a hit.

And face painting was available.  All done by volunteers!

Guests are welcome to done their Halloween gear when joining in the hike.  Just dress for the weather!  It can be chilly to down right cold during the evening.  This year, we had beautifully weather. .  . windy and a bit chilly on Friday night and just a bit brisk on Saturday night.  Mother Nature even graced us with an almost full moon and clear skies for star gazing.

This creative, safe, educational endeavor is a favorite fall experience for guests and volunteers alike.  This marks the 9th year of our family’s participation in the Halloween Night Hike and the 2nd year of the husband and the boy portraying animals.  (Click here to read about last year’s Hike.)

Mark your calendars for next year.  We’ll see you there!

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