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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

News and Innovation from Walt Disney World

News and tidbits from the most magical place on earth:

Splash Mountain, one of the three mountains at Magic Kingdom will be closed for a lengthy refurbishment January through March of 2013.

I have heard some guests say that Splash Mountain’s closing will greatly affect their trip.  While we would be disappointed to find one of our favorite mountains closed for repair, it wouldn’t put a damper on our touring.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed during one of our recent trips and knowing that ahead of time diminished the disappointment as we planned for other rides and attractions.

Much of the New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom is conducting “dress rehearsals” and will officially open soon.  The three tents in Storybook Circus are open including Pete’s Silly Sideshow character meet and greet location.

Many guests are excited at the new additions that they have been anxiously awaiting.  There are still more attractions coming to the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom and we look forward to checking them out.  In the meantime, there’s speculation that the pork shank available at Gaston’s Tavern will become the “new” turkey leg.  I’m relying on the boy and the husband to confirm it that will be the case.

Test Track, a headliner attraction at EPCOT, is scheduled to re-open on December 6, 2012.  EPCOT’s Character Spot is scheduled to close for refurbishment as early as this coming Sunday.

With the opening of Pete’s Silly Sideshow and Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom, guests can meet most characters in covered meet and greet locations at the Magic Kingdom.  There is no time like the present to close EPCOT’s Character Spot for refurbishment.  I look forward to new backdrops for the characters!

Things are happening at Walt Disney World Resort!  There is now free wi-fi at all resort hotels and three of the four theme parks—Animal Kingdom is the last to have park wide wi-fi service.  RFID innovations are being added to resort room entry, ticket media, and the FCC is has been asked to give approval for a “magic band” with RFID capability that guests could wear with all information included in the band signal that could potentially replace Key to the World Cards.  Personally, I think the “magic band” is an ingenious idea.

Disney has historically been tops in innovation as well as guest experience.  The trend continues!

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