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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Purchase With Purchase" Specials at Walt Disney World Shops

If you were to follow me when traversing the various theme parks at Walt Disney World, you might see me dart into various shops, such as Mouse Gear at EPCOT and dart out.  No, I’m not trying to get a brief cool down in the air conditioning.  I’m trying to scout out the “purchase with purchase” specials that are advertised near the check-out counters.  Purchase with purchase specials are available at the shops in the parks, resorts, Downtown Disney, and on Disney Cruise Line ships.  And, the purchase with purchase specials are often different at the various locations—hence my darting!

Here’s how a purchase with purchase special works:  A special display of the items are usually located near or behind the check-out counter.  The special purchase item could be watches, bags, throws, duffle bags, etc. and are available for purchase at a discounted price when a guest makes a total purchase of a certain amount.  For example, a guest could buy a special limited edition Mickey watch—if that is the special offer—for $9.95 with a total purchase of $45 or more.  So, if I were shopping and my total purchase came to $45 or more, I could then elect to purchase the special watch for $9.95 more and add that to my purchase.

What’s great is that if your total is more, say $150, it would qualify to purchase more of the watches—a guest could elect to get 3 watches if they liked and add the cost to the total purchase.

Also, the total purchase amount needed to qualify for the purchase with purchase special doesn’t have to be spent in one shopping trip.  I have found this especially helpful at the store in our resort and on the ship.  Let’s say the special is something you can get if you spend $50 or more.  Well, I may not spend $50 in one shopping stop, but I may over the course of a few days spend that much in our resort’s store.  If I show my various receipts and the total of my shopping in that store hits the mark, I would then qualify to make the purchase with purchase special.  And, while this is true for the various shops around the theme parks, I just don’t find myself visiting the same ones repeatedly to make this work, so if I’m going to take advantage of the purchase with purchase special, I do it in one shopping stop.

Let me say that I LOVE the purchase with purchase specials!  I have Mickey bags of various colors and sizes that have been acquired as purchase with purchase specials.  All of the boy’s teachers have received Mickey watches as holiday gifts due to purchase with purchase specials.  We have a Disney Cruise Line duffle bag that was a purchase with purchase special along with a set of his and hers DCL watches.  We’ve even come home with a Disney throw that was a purchase with purchase treat.  Bottom line, purchase with purchase specials allow guests access to merchandise that they wouldn’t be able to purchase without taking advantage of the special offer.  The purchase with purchase specials offer savings and a great way to bring back souvenirs along with providing items that can add a little Disney magic into your everyday life.  It has been a long time since I haven’t had a Disney bag of some sort draped over my shoulder!

So, the next time you are at Walt Disney World, Downtown Disney, or on a Disney ship, check out the offers for purchase with purchase specials.  And, if you see someone darting into the shop just to look at the sign and display for the special offer, it just might be me, so say “Hello!”  Happy shopping!