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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The Williams Family winning streak started last Thursday.  But, I must say, that being with my family makes me feel like a winner every day!

Saturday night, we went to the movie in the park.  A local radio station gave refillable cups to the kids in the audience.  When the boy opened his cup, there was a certificate good for two free tickets to Adventureland--click here to read more.

We went to the radio station yesterday morning to exchange the certificate for the tickets.  We already have a date in mind as to when we will go.  We will have to purchase a 3rd ticket--I already know where I can get a discounted ticket, pay for parking-$7.00, and gas.  But having two free admissions will make the trip sweeter!  Adventure Bay, here we come!

Click on picture to play the game.

Then, Tuesday evening, I was playing Cracker Barrel's Spin n' Win contest on-line and won a small skillet and corn muffin mix bundle.  I was e-mailed a redemption certificate and have to return it by Sunday.

In addition to the skillet, I earned enough "prize pieces" to be entered in all the drawings for the other prizes such as a trip to the Grand Canyon, etc.   Keeping my fingers crossed.

And, as I stated earlier, the winnings began last Thursday, when I entered a State Farm on-line contest for a trip to Walt Disney World and won a $15 iTunes card.  I received a confirmation e-mail and just have to wait for the card to be mailed.
What a streak!  I'm amazed and grateful!

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  1. More to the story. . . A friend and loyal reader had an extra Adventureland Ticket available at a discounted price, so we have our 3rd ticket--Thanks, Teri! AND, Cracker Barrel e-mailed me a $5 discount coupon!