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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, July 9, 2012

What Is The Boy Most Looking Forward To For Our Next Disney Cruise?

What is the boy looking forward to the most for our next Disney cruise?  The Aqua Duck?  It will be in the top 5 certainly.  Castaway Cay?  Definitely a highlight.  But, the last few conversations about our trip have included food.  Yes, food!

His latest remark was how he wanted his own turkey leg on Pirate Night.  Let me give you some context.  Disney Cruise Line ships celebrate a Pirates IN the Caribbean night sometime during the cruise—for most cruises.  Click here to read more about the celebration.

Pirates IN the Caribbean or Pirate Night includes fireworks at sea followed by a dance party on deck and late night buffet.  The buffet includes giant turkey legs.  Historically, the husband has either eaten one by himself or shared with the boy.  Recently, the boy declared he wants his own turkey leg—no sharing.

He must have been giving Pirate Night some thought as he asked if he could dress up like Jack Sparrow.  Yes, he has a pirate costume and has worn it before.

He asked if he could take his blow up sword to the club.  No.  How I appreciate that inflatable sword that was a fast food kid’s meal toy the summer of 2006 when a Pirates of the Caribbean movie must have been released.  We still have it!  How many kid’s meal toys can you say that about?  That blow up sword has been with us on each of our Disney cruises and with us on at least one trip to Walt Disney World—when they were still having the Princess and Pirate Parties.  I can tell you exactly where that inflatable sword is at this very moment.  The sword is easy to pack and has no problems going through airport security, unlike some of the other pirate paraphernalia sold at the parks and on the ship.  Obviously, he is planning on the sword accompanying us for our next cruise. 

When the answer was no to the inflatable sword going to the kids’ club, he asked if the inflatable parrot could go with him.  The inflatable parrot—and pirate hook—were added to our collection of pirate gear last summer before our cruise.  I found them as a set at the local dollar store and purchased two sets.  They, too, go through airport security well and are easy to pack.

The turkey leg comment came next in the conversation.  The boy was already planning the evening of Pirate Night on the ship.  Yeah, I know where that comes from!

Yet, the food conversation continued as I heard about the BBQ chicken pizza, ice cream, milk and cookies before bed, room service breakfast, etc.  He is incrementally reaching the stage of “eating us out of house and home” that I understand most boys go through at some point or another.  Just like yesterday morning before 11:30 am eating breakfast, a snack, and lunch.  He had swim team practice for an hour and then asked when’s lunch, forgetting that he had already eaten lunch. 

So how does a “I’ll be 10 years old by then” boy make the most of a Disney cruise?  I have a feeling it is going to be the 24 hour access to food and beverage.  

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