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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seizing The Moment!

You’ve heard the adages for living a content life. . . stop and smell the roses, slow down, buy lemonade at lemonade stands, etc.  Well, we are adding “play in open fire hydrants” to the list.

Late the other afternoon, the boy heard noises outside.  He opened the door to discover that the fire hydrant in the neighbor’s yard had been turned on and was spraying water.  He put on his swimsuit and his dad grabbed the camera!

They discovered that there just wasn’t one fire hydrant turned on but TWO!  Jackpot!

Seems that work was being done on a water main and the fire hydrants were opened to release the pressure and make repair work easier.

Both the boy and the husband seized the moment.  I am so proud of both of them and especially for the husband grabbing the camera so he could capture some great shots.  He’s so good!

It was a life lesson—seizing the moment.  It would have been easier to not do it, to be confined by fear and “what if’s”, but neither of them hesitated.  The boy’s curiosity and the husband’s sense of play overcoming them.  How many others drove by wishing they were playing in the water from the fire hydrant on that hot day in July?

Soon enough the repair work was complete and the fire hydrants returned to their off positions and the husband and boy satisfied with their adventure.

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