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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Boy's First Crush

The boy came home the other day and announced to anyone within earshot that he had a crush on a girl at school.  Seems the girl had given him the picture above depicting a King and Queen in a castle.

Wow, a crush!  What a wonderful feeling to like someone and feel that they like you back!  It also means he is growing up and fast!

We haven’t heard much more after the first announcement.  And, like most crushes, the feeling can go away almost as quickly as it came.  In fact, when the husband asked the boy about the girl, he was told that “he didn’t want to talk about it.” 

In the meantime, I’ll keep planting seeds of ideas.  You know, phrases like “When you go to college . . “ or “When you have your own house. . .”  My other one is “When you get married you can get married at Walt Disney World.”  The boy has scoffed at that since I started talking about it, until our last visit.  He asked where one might get married at Walt Disney World.  I started pointing out locations like the gazebo at the Boardwalk that can be seen from the Friendship boat launches between Studios and EPCOT, or the Rose Garden at the Magic Kingdom.  We had already seen a portion of the beach at Castaway Cay set up for a wedding.  Ah, maybe the seed is beginning to germinate!  The husband points out that there will be someone else, much more significant that me, helping to make the decision about locations of any nuptials.  He’s right.  At the same time, a mom can dream.

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