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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Replacement For Disney Vacation Widget?

There’s not a month that goes by that we don’t receive something in the mail from Disney.  We’ve received free art, personalized thank you cards, resort offers, and post cards. 

This past week, we received a personalized thank you for downloading the Disney Vacation Widget—which we did a couple of years ago—and which has recently been discontinued.  The Disney Vacation Widget was great.  Displayed on our computer desktop, it showed a countdown to the next trip, included some Disney animation magic, offered daily polls or quizzes, and included a trip checklist which varied depending on your Disney destination—World, Land, or Cruise.  The checklist could be customized by adding or deleting items.  I would add things like “call pet sitter and arrange care.”  The Disney Vacation Widget also included links to various sites, such as the Photopass Pre-order site.  But, alas, the Disney Vacation Widget is gone.

Yet, the thank you included a hint that something else might be coming soon with the line “we know you will enjoy the new tools and applications coming soon!” 

How soon, I wonder.

In the meantime, we received some appreciation mail from Disney and a cute print suitable for framing. 

Keep the Disney mail coming!  And, I’ll be on the lookout for new tools and application from the Disney Vacation Connection Team.

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