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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Wore All The Shirts You Voted For. . . And More!

Faithful readers may recall that in January and February visitors to the Williams Family Blog were asked to "Help Us Pack" by voting on their favorite shirt set.  Each week, three different shirt sets were on display and we packed--and wore--the shirt set with the most votes from each week.

 The purple "Williams Family Doing Disney" shirts were a hit at Magic Kingdom.  We spent the day at Magic Kingdom and then took the monorail to EPCOT for our dinner at Garden Grill--click here to read about dining at Garden Grill.
The purple shirts were designed at Downtown Disney where you can design and make your own t-shirts--click here to read more.  We can probably squeeze one more trip out of this set of shirts before the boy outgrows his.

Another top vote getter was our red tie dye shirts with Donald Duck.  We wore these shirts to EPCOT and Donald got a laugh out of seeing himself on our shirts.  We purchased these shirts in a little store that you can find at the exit of Mickey's Philharmagic at the Magic Kingdom a few years ago.  This was most likely our last trip to wear them as a set, as the boy's is almost too small.

 The long sleeve blue Disney shirts were another week's winner and while we packed them, we didn't think we would get to wear them as warm weather prevailed for most of our week.  But alas, after a brief shower one afternoon, the wind picked up and cooler temperatures were on tap for the evening we were headed to EPCOT for dinner at Rose & Crown and lagoon side seating for Illuminations.  We were glad we had the long sleeve shirts to wear!
These shirts were purchased at the Disney Store on-line before our first trip to Walt Disney World in 2006.  I can recall being so glad we had the long sleeve shirts at the time, because our November trip was much colder than expected and the boy wore his shirt almost daily--under other shirts for layering.  Yes, it was a bit big for him then, but we rolled up the sleeves and were good to go.  These shirts have at least one more trip left in them!

 Our Monster's, Inc. "I've Got My Eye On You" shirts were worn to Disney's Hollywood Studios on our last day in the parks.  We couldn't wait to go see Mike and Sully with our shirts on.  As you can see from the photo below, Mike was happy to come eye to eye with his shirt and his handler greeted us as the Wazowski Family--well they got the "W" right!  Sully was quite put out and removed himself from the photo area, but felt better when we told him that if they made a Sully shirt, we would buy and wear it.

We purchased these shirts at a kiosk outside of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin in the Magic Kingdom a few years ago.  You can still find these shirts on sale in the parks.  We saw them in the shop just outside of the Monster's, Inc. Meet and Greet area.  There's still a little growing room for the boy for this shirt.

 We also took our new t-shirt set that we designed on Zazzle.com.  The shirt has the LGM's or Little Green Men from Toy Story with their line, "You have been chosen." And, of course, Williams Family on the front of the shirts as well.

Buzz and Woody got a hoot out of seeing their friends on our shirts.  This shirt has some growing room for the boy and can be used for future trips.

 We also packed white collared shirts as I knew we would be headed to Downtown Disney and wanted to take advantage of the Photopass Studio for more formal family photos.  We wore these shirts to breakfast at Cape May Cafe--click here to read more, and then to Downtown Disney for lunch at T-Rex Cafe.

After Downtown Disney, we headed back to Coronado Springs for an afternoon at the resort and pool.  Our evening was spent at EPCOT wearing the blue long-sleeve Disney shirts mentioned above.

 Another set of shirts that went with us were the orange "Tigger is that you?" shirts with Disney's Animal Kingdom on them.  And, we wore them the Animal Kingdom!

We purchased the shirts at the shop at Rafiki's Planet Watch a few trips ago for half price!  We will definitely wear these shirts again.

Since it was St. Patrick's Day the day we flew and arrived at Disney, we donned our green Disney shirts for this day.  After spending some time at the resort pool, we put these shirts back on and headed to Magic Kingdom for the evening.  We were able to get a fireworks photo, too!

We've had these shirt since our first trip in 2006 and this will sadly be our last wearing!  These shirts were purchased at the Disney Store on-line.

We also wore matching black neon Mickey shirts for our trip home.  I don't have a photo or I would show you.  We got lots of compliments, but it will definitely be the boy's last wearing of this particular shirt.

Wearing matching shirts each day of our trip has become a family tradition; just something we do at Disney.(Click here to read more about why we wear matching shirts.)  Yet, sometimes we color coordinate clothing when we aren't at Disney.  For example, on Easter Sunday, I laid out a blue polo shirt for the boy to wear to have lunch at his Grandmother's retirement facility.  The husband saw this and grabbed his blue polo shirt out of the closet--and even ironed it!  I had already planned to coordinate with a shirt of my own.  And, when we arrived to see Grandma for lunch, she was wearing the same shade of blue.  I didn't call her!  I swear!  The husband just chuckled.

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