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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, April 16, 2012

How Can You Make Coming Home From A Disney Vacation Something To Look Forward To?

There can be so much excitement and anticipation before a Walt Disney World vacation or any Disney vacation.  Once you arrive, magic and memories abound.  Then, there’s the leaving of the most magical place on earth and that can be hard, difficult, even downright depressing.  So, how can you make coming home easier?

The number one answer to make leaving the most magical place on earth less painful is to have another trip in the works or to begin planning another trip.  If that isn’t possible, for various reasons, then there might be other ways to lesson the return to the real world pain; things to actually look forward to coming home for.

Something I look forward to upon returning home is logging onto Photopass.com and editing photos from our vacation.  This is the first time I’m seeing them and just by viewing I’m instantly taken back to our vacation.  It’s a chore that makes me smile!  Of course, after the editing is complete, waiting for the Photopass CD to arrive seems like torture.  I discovered that Photopass.com now offers the ability to digitally download the entire CD for the same price of the CD and offers guests a chance to purchase a back-up CD for $19.95.  The instant gratification side of me almost won out, but I settled for the mailed CD instead.

Along this same line is uploading and editing personal photos taken during your vacation.  Videos can fall into this same category.  I tend to work the computer overtime and have both the videos and photos uploading to the computer at the same time.  I think I actually heard the computer groan. 

When all the photo editing is complete, it’s time to start the digital scrapbook or order prints for scrapbooks.  This can sometimes be a long and laborious process for me. Once I make a book, I then wait for a discount or special before making a purchase.

If you are a member of a Disney themed message board, you may share stories from your trip or offer advice for about to be vacationers.  It is always great to have up to the date information from recent travelers.

Even though unpacking is a chore, I can’t wait to get my hands on those famous blue and white plastic sacks that contain our souvenirs.  Unpacking those helps me relive the excitement from our trip.  And, since we purchase items that can be used everyday it is an added bonus—I smile when I make my breakfast using the Mickey spatula.

Then there are the toiletries that I snag from our Walt Disney World Resort room and bring home with me.  Just the smell takes me back to our magical vacation.  And, the bottles are cute, too!

For me, one of the best parts of coming home is knowing that I have photos, videos, stories, news, and memories to share via the Williams Family Blog.

When I catch myself smiling for no apparent reason, I know it is because I am home from a Disney vacation.  When someone tells you that you look thinner, happier, rested, etc., know that you are suffering the effects of returning from a magical Disney vacation.  And, who wouldn’t want to look forward to that?

What do you look forward to when returning home from a Disney vacation?

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