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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Did You Know You Can Design Your Own T-Shirts at Disney?

 Did you know that make your own shirts at Downtown Disney’s Marketplace?  We made the shirts shown in the photo above at Disney’s Design-A-Tee, one of the shops at Downtown Disney.

 If you are taking a bus to Downtown Disney, Design-A-Tee will be on your right, just past the bathrooms and water jets. It is across from the Christmas store and next to the art store.

If you are taking a boat to Downtown Disney, Design-A-Tee will be past Rainforest Café on your left, just past the art store and across from the Christmas store.

 When you walk in, you will see touch screen kiosks that have an outside trim that makes them look like t-shirts. These kiosks have tubing that goes to the ceiling. The tubing runs crisscross around the ceiling of the store.

There are over 400 pieces of Disney art to choose from in designing your t-shirts. A variety of sizes and colors are also available. As you can see, we customized ours with words as well. Adding text can be a bit tricky as the designs only allow for so many letters. (We have found the design functions on Zazzle.com to be more flexible when it comes to text.)

 The premise is you design a “mini-t-shirt” the size of your hand. After proofing, that mini-me design is sent flying through the overhead tubes into the back of the shop where it will magically be stretched into the size you need.

The price is a bit high, but not outrageous. You can wait for your shirts—30 to 90 minutes depending on how busy they are, or you can come back later and pick them up or have then delivered to your Walt Disney World Resort for no charge.

 My recommendation would be to go to Design-A-Tee first, if you are at all interested in purchasing customized t-shirts. Then, you can take in the rest of the Marketplace or Downtown Disney while the shirts are made. Since Design-A-Tee is near the bus stops, just stop in and grab your t-shirts before taking the bus back to your resort. Then you have your shirts and can wear them!

As you can see, we have one set of matching t-shirts from Design-A-Tee. We will do it again when the boy grows out of this one or if we wanted a long-sleeve design. Note that you don’t have to make matching shirts at Design-A-Tee—the point is customized t-shirts. If you have someone in your party celebrating something special, you could capture that with a customized t-shirt, or make one to commemorate a special visit or memory.

Design-A-Tee at Downtown Disney is just another way Disney provides you with an experience that seems magical and custom made for you, the Disney guest. 

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