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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Character(s) We Are Most Looking Forward To . . .

We were discussing over breakfast what characters we were most looking forward to seeing or finding during our next trip to Walt Disney World.  The boy emphatically said Huey, Duey, and Luey would be the characters he most wanted to find and see.  The husband added to the “duck” theme with Scrooge McDuck and the boy then added Professor VonDrake into the mix.  I think they’ve gone quackers, but it does bear some thought as to characters that might be found on the Disney Dream.  I mean, Donald is the helmsman for the new ship, so why wouldn’t his relatives be found on board?  I’m digressing.

 One of the characters I’m most looking forward to seeing/finding is Bert and Mary Poppins. You see, we have met Mary a few times, but Bert only once. And, it has been a few visits since we had seen Mary until our last visit in March.

When meeting Mary Poppins, she will surely ask about your favorite part of the story. The boy will tell you it is when the chimney sweeps dance on the roof. “Ah, Steppin’ Time,” she would interject. She will also tell you to hurry or “fitzpah, fitzpah.”

I understand that Bert and Mary are making appearances in the Magic Kingdom as of late, so I am hopeful we can spy them.  And, while we don’t have plans to dine at 1900 Park Fair, that is another location Mary can be found.  We have also seen Mary Poppins in EPCOT, both by Norway and the United Kingdom Pavilions.

What character would you most like to see during your next visit to Walt Disney World?

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