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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, April 20, 2012

Our "Cheap" Lifestyle Supports Our Disney Habit

Our family has a Disney reputation, especially after so many trips.  Yet, we have another reputation, well, especially me, of being cheap.  It is our thriftiness that supports our Disney habit.

Last week-end at soccer, I realized our son was wearing a hand-me-down jersey that he has worn since he started soccer two years ago.  It still fits and is in good condition.  No need to spend money on a new jersey.  He also has hand-me-down goalie jerseys and his soccer shoes were purchased during a Payless BOGO sale.  We packed our own snacks and drinks to avoid spending money at the concession stand.  And the gas in our car to get to soccer was purchased during a special “cents off” sale. 

Another way we save is by eating at home.  We rarely go out to eat, unless we have coupons or there are special “kids eat free” evenings. . . usually a combination of both.  For lunches, the boy and I both take our lunches and the husband is able to come home for lunch each day.  When packing the boy’s lunch, I use recycled plastic tubs to pack his chips and fruit rather than use expensive bags that have individual servings. 

We use coupons and take advantage of sales at the grocery store.  When I went to the grocery store last night, an employee greeted me at the door and asked about my strategy.  He later rang up my grocery order and told me that he often printed a duplicate receipt of my transaction so that he could see how well I had done with saving.  He said that he looked forward to my shopping and made it fun for him to watch me save money.

When it comes to gift giving, there are plenty of ways to save.  I got a free Mother’s Day card on-line the other day.  The Easter Bunny brought 14 Matchbox Cars that were obtained at with a coupon and discounted price!  Our extended family got customized t-shirts for Christmas and most of them were free as were customized photo calendars for grandparents and a photo mug.  Sales on-line for holiday gifts are frequent, but they start in October.  We even got our photo holiday cards for free last Christmas.  A web-site I use to notify me daily via e-mail of specials is Couponing to Disney

I also use Ebates.com to save even more when I shop on-line AND get money back.  Click here to read more about how Ebates works.  My next “Big Fat Check” will be coming soon!

The boy needed some new shorts for the summer, so I was able to buy 5 pairs of shorts, swim trunks and matching rash guard, a pair of shoes for the boy and a pair of shoes for me at Kmart.com for $50.  Most items were on sale and I obtained a special discount code that made for additional savings.  The total also allowed for free shipping.  Had I gone to the store, the items I wanted may not have been in stock, I wouldn’t have been able to use the discount code, and I might have purchased other items I didn’t need.  Plus, I got money back in my Ebates account.

It takes some planning to save money, but for us, it is worth it, as our cheap lifestyle supports our Disney habit!

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