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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Staying At a Different Resort For Our Next Trip to Walt Disney World

At this time of year, most people are counting down the number of shopping days left before Christmas.  Children are counting down the number of days until Santa makes a stop at their house.  We are counting down the number of days until our next trip to Walt Disney World—100 days!

We have decided to try a new resort for our next trip—Coronado Springs, a moderate Disney resort.

We have stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort twice, and learned that location really does matter!  Caribbean Beach was Disney’s first attempt at a moderate resort.  I think they learned from their mistakes.

Port Orleans Riverside was our “home” for five trips to Walt Disney World—click here to read more.  We were hesitant to move away from our favorite and yet, queen sized beds lured us to Port Orleans French Quarter during our last stay—click here to read more.

This time we were lured by savings.  A spring discount was available during our travel dates, but only at certain resorts.  Coronado Springs was available for the discount, so we made the switch.  Just like that!  The husband had no hesitation.  He said we could give another resort a try, add information about Coronado Springs to the blog, and save some money.  Bingo!

We told the boy this morning.  “Does it have a pool?” was his response.  He wanted to see pictures—thank goodness for technology!

100 days!  I need to get packing!

1 comment:

  1. The pool at the Coronado is the best! It's so big that even in the dead of summer during the heat of the day you don't feel crowded in the pool.
    The Jaguar water slide is a lot of fun and the line never gets too bad.
    There are also quiet pools (at least 2, maybe 3) one in Cabanas near the laundry building and one in the Casitas (can't remember which building its closest to)

    Be sure to eat at the Pepper Market, it's very yummy! Although I'm disappointed they are trying buffet breakfast and lunch...the made to order really set it apart as a fresh and fabulous quick service option!