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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, December 5, 2011

God Rest Ye, Gerry Mentlemen--OCCP Wraps Production

OCCP ended the 2011 season with God Rest Ye, Gerry Mentlemen, a holiday story with a holiday message.  The short, yet quaint, play is about Gerry Mentlemen, a shrewd businessman who ends up finding the spirit of Christmas, just like Scrooge!

About 50 children were a part of the cast while parents and other volunteers worked backstage.

The set consisted of 5 “boxes” that rotated to create 4 different scenes.  A local art teacher provided the details in the painting. 

Children and directors rehearsed for five weeks to bring the show to life at Bridge View Center during the first week-end in December.  If you weren’t in the holiday spirit before the show, you certainly were after, as holiday songs were sprinkled throughout.

The boy played a “townspeople” character.  He was on his way to school during the opening scene, as it was just after Labor Day.  Later, he was in a Halloween costume for another scene, and ended the play in a Christmas sweater, just in time for the holidays!

The husband painted set and worked backstage, while I managed the sound board.  The family that does theater together, stays together?!?  (The husband even got recruited for a small role in the next OCP production!)

After three performances, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the cast and crew celebrated with a Cast Party complete with food, cake, music, and dancing.
 The boy with Directors Marc and Becky!

In addition to this production coming together quite quickly, it featured many new faces from throughout our community.  And, after watching all of the kids interact and have a grand time at the Cast Party—hopefully, many of them will be back!

The boy's adoring fans:

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