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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hunting For Disney Photopass Magic Photos

Did you know that I love Photopass photographers?  This is a long time coming kind of love, as there was a time in my Disney relationship that I did not appreciate all that they could do.  I have come to my senses and know that a trip to Walt Disney World isn’t complete without pre-ordering my Photopass CD (I pay $50 less if I purchase it before I go on my vacation), and taking advantage of as many Photopass photographers as I can.  I tell them every time, that they put the vacation back in my vacation, especially for me, the family photographer.  I actually get to be in the pictures!

And, since our last visit to the World was our 8th trip, I have plenty of photos of us near the park icons.  So, this trip, in addition to the more traditional photos, we hunted for Photopass “magic photos.”  You know the ones that the photographers take and add something a little magical later, for you to see when you purchase or download your photos.

Rumor on the street is that there are somewhere around 100 different magic photos.  I even asked for a list and was told the list is strictly secret; magical.  The husband and I even tried to come up with a list of our own and failed miserably.

So, on this trip, we asked the Photopass photographers about magic photos.  Here’s what we learned:
  • Certain magic photos are limited to certain parks or even certain locations in the parks. 
  • The training of the Photopass photographers vary and that may limit the magic photos that they are able to use.
  • If the camera a Photopass photographer is using is on a tripod, no magic photos will be taken.  Only when the camera comes off the tripod will magic photos be offered.

On our hunt for Photopass magic photos we found some old favorites along with new ones.

The husband’s favorite was with Darth Vader.  When visiting with one photographer, he suggested that if guests hung out near Star Tours at Hollywood Studios during Jedi Training Academy, that you could ask the photographer at the end of Jedi Training Academy for magic photo with Darth Vader.  It worked!  You see, the only time a Photopass Photographer is at Star Tours is during Jedi Training Academy, so catching them right after is the best timing.

The boy now asks Photopass photographers if they have magic photos and is happy to participate.  Just a note, guests don’t see what is going to be imposed in the photo until they look at their photos on-line or at a Photopass location in the park, so it can take some acting to get the right pose.  I think the boy does a great job!

Enjoy our photos and the next time you find yourself at the Walt Disney World Resort, see what magic photos you can conjure from Photopass photographers.

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