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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's In Your Bag?

What’s in the one carry-on bag that will go with us as our day bag on the ship?

Here’s a list:

  • Swimsuits for the husband and the boy to throw on when we check in at the Hyatt after our flight.  Nothing like taking a dip in a rooftop pool and watching planes take off and land.  I haven’t thrown in one for me. . . yet.  We’ll see.
  • PJ’s for the entire family for our night at the Hyatt—no need to open up a bigger suitcase and dig for pajamas.
  • Clothes for the morning.  This includes a matching set of Disney Cruise Line t-shirts, shorts for all of us, and undergarments.
  • Swimsuits for all of us for when we get on the ship, and a cover-up for me.  We can change right after lunch on board and hit the pool and aqua duck.  Since the suits will be wet from the night before swim, I have also packed a plastic bag for storage.
  • Dinner clothes for our first night on board.  Sometimes it takes a bit for all of the luggage to be delivered to staterooms.  We’ve never had a problem, but I want to be prepared and we have the early dining seating.  So, there are polo shirts, color coordinated of course, for the boy and the husband, dress pants for both of them, and a dress w/jacket for me.  Jewelry/accessories haven’t been packed yet, but they will be added to this bag, too.
  • Door decorations with magnetic tape on the back to decorate our door.
  • A picture frame matte—white—and sharpie markers.  If I drop this by Guest Services on the ship, all the characters will sign it and it will be delivered to our stateroom on the last day of our cruise.  It makes a great keepsake!
  • Autograph book and pens in a clear sealable bag.  You never know who you might meet at the port terminal or on board!
  • Extra sunglasses.
  • Battery operated razor for the husband.  I don’t know why that ended up in this bag, but it did!
  • A collapsible duffle bag—in case we need another bag at some point.
  • Umbrellas and reusable ponchos in individual carrying cases.  While we won’t need them for the cruise portion of our trip, they ended up in the outside pockets of this bag, so that’s where they can stay until the world portion of our trip.

Something that is not in the bag yet is sunscreen.  The sunscreen is packed in a bigger suitcase that will be checked at the airport.  We’ll make the switch to the carry-on bag at the Hyatt.

The carry-on bag, along with an over the shoulder bag will come with us to the port terminal while the rest of our bags will be swept away magically from the Hyatt to our stateroom.  Inside the shoulder bag will be my purse, our travel documents including passports, camera, video camera, snacks, etc.  Most likely we’ll already be wearing our lanyards and pins.

It’s a rookie cruiser mistake to think that your luggage and your stateroom will be accessible to you when you get on board and that is more typically not the case than the case.  Staterooms are usually not available until after 1:30 pm and it can take until 6:00 pm for all of the luggage to be delivered.  

We try to make the most of our first day on board by having anything we might need with us and easily accessible.

So, what's in your bag?

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