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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Boy Packed His Bag

Each day somehow the topic of how many days until our next trip comes us.  Yesterday the boy asked how many days and it actually took me a moment to figure out how many days.  The number surprised him and he said he had to get his bag packed.

Now by bag, I mean his Spiderman backpack that also has wheels.  He doesn’t use it for school, just as his “personal item” to carry-on the plane.  He packs his toys and treasures that he wants to take on vacation.

The large compartment ended up with several stuffed Disney creatures and at least one “light chaser.”  (A light chaser is a light-up, spinning toy, that usually makes noise, that they sell at Disney.  We have at least 3.)  The outside pocket held his Nintendo DS in it’s case with games.  He zipped it up and said he was done.  Alright!

Now, I just need to put in a book or two and he is set!

I got to see the planner in him as he was packing.  He could envision the trip and knew what he wanted to have with him . . . at the airport, on the ship, at the resort, and at the parks.  I know where that planner part of him came from!  I think I like it!

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