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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dates for 2012 Released for the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

While we countdown the days until our next Disney cruise, we’re keeping an eye out for when we would like to plan for our next Disney vacation.

Typically, Disney Cruise Line has an 18 -24 month list of potential sailing dates and itineraries. If you check the Disney Cruise Line web-site, you can only book a cruise through August of 2012 and for just 2 of the 4 ships; the Dream and the Fantasy.

Recently, Disney Cruise Line announced the dates and itineraries for both the Dream and the Fantasy for the remainder of 2012, but no word out yet for the Magic and the Wonder.

The Dream will continue to sail 3, 4, and 5 night cruises in the Bahamas with a special holiday cruise at the end of 2012. The Fantasy will provide 7 night sailings in the Caribbean alternating itineraries and adding Puerto Rico as a port later in 2012. Guests who would like to book those cruises, must do so by phone, as they are not yet listed on the Disney Cruise Line web-site.

So, what about the other 2 ships? What will the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder be doing in 2012? The Disney Cruise Line web-site doesn’t have any information about the Magic after it 7 night Western Caribbean itinerary departing Friday, March 30, 2012, the day before the Fantasy leaves for its Inaugural voyage.

The Wonder is scheduled for a 10 night Mexican Riviera cruise on April 17, 2012, with no information after that date.

Hmmm. . . When will Disney Cruise Line give us information about the Magic and the Wonder for summer of 2012 and beyond?

Usually DCL makes the announcements late in the fall for not the next year, but the following year’s itineraries. This last fall—only information about the new ships. Then, I thought, maybe just following the Maiden Voyage of the Dream we might get information. Nope. Just dates for the Inaugural sailing of the Fantasy. So when? And, where?

Will the Magic head back to Europe for a 3rd summer? Will the Wonder head back to Alaska? Will one or both ships take on new itineraries?

I can tell you what we are hoping for and been hoping for since July of 2008, and that is a 10 night itinerary from San Pedro to Hawaii and back. When Captain Tom asked where we wanted to go during the Castaway Club Members reception, we told him Hawaii. He thought about it. . . 3 days out, 4 days in the islands, 3 days back. Yes, it could be done.

Now, there are a few snags. . . something about ships with foreign registration not being able to go from one U.S. port to another without a stop at a foreign port. OK, the Disney ships are registered to the Bahamas, so they couldn’t go directly from Hawaii to San Pedro. But what about a short stop in Cabo or Ensenada? That would meet the requirement and I bet it still could be done in 10 days.

In the meantime, we’re saving our pennies to put a deposit down on our 5th Disney Cruise while sailing on our 4th—that way we can take advantage of on-board credits and significant savings!

I’m also open to the Inaugural Sailing of the Disney Fantasy on March 31, if our school district puts a full week of spring break back into the calendar, and if so, it will most likely be the week of Easter. Those dates would match perfectly. Oh, Shauna. . .

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