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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, February 18, 2011

From One Show to Another

The Williams Family wrapped up the production of one show and has jumped into the production of another show.

Last week-end, OCP’s Luv took to the stage at Bridge View Center. The husband and the boy earned walk-on parts at the beginning of the play. Since the setting was on a bridge/pier, the director wanted to add some authenticity to the setting and asked for a couple of actors to portray fisherman. Voila! Enter the husband and the boy. I must say, they did a great job acting and pretending that the area around the stage was water!

I got to see them from afar, as I was in the sound booth, handling the music and sound effects. I must say that this was the first show the required a sound effect playing continuously throughout the production—the sound of waves and water. I had to stay on my toes for this one.

There was a surprise for the audience at the end of the show—the appearance of Jr. Let’s just say the boy enjoyed having Jr. backstage. Here’s a video:

Just when Luv was about to hit the stage, OCCP, the children’s version of OCP, hosted auditions for their next production—The Secret Garden. The first read-through for that cast was held during “show week” of Luv.

And, now, The Secret Garden is in full rehearsal mode with a full cast. And, yes, the entire Williams Family is involved. The boy is playing the parts of one of the Sowerby children and a “fairgoer.” This is his umpteenth time being in an OCP production—I have actually lost count—I know his first one was when he was 3.

The husband will be behind the stage pulling the curtain and I will again be in the sound booth handling sound. The family that does theater together, stays together. . . I guess. I do know it makes for a great time when we are all there together.

OCP and theater have a history with our family and families. Both of my parents were involved in OCP at one time, both on stage and behind the stage. I remember auditioning for a show—The Sound of Music—as a child. Didn’t get a part, but did get to see the play. I remember attending many plays as a child. Most of my time on stage was at dance recitals. I did have a part in a school play in ninth grade. It wasn’t until I was an adult, in my 30’s, that I auditioned for an OCP production, got the part, and met the “ to be” husband. He and I were actually cast as husband and wife in one production. We hadn’t started dating yet, but had by the time that show hit the stage. The rest is history!

The husband was involved in theater throughout high school and actually majored in theater and drama in college. He has been on stage, behind stage, and directed numerous OCP productions. I guess it comes as no surprise that our entire family is now involved in theater.

Maybe the secret isn’t that it’s theater, but something the whole family can be and is involved in. I liken to Disney. (You knew I would get it in there somehow!). One of the reasons we enjoy planning to go to Disney, going to Disney, and reminiscing about Disney is that it is a shared experience for our entire family. We all get involved with every aspect. From the boy packing his stuff—you should hear that conversation—to our talks about where to eat, as we all have different favorites—it’s the experience that brings us together as a family. So, in addition to theater, maybe it’s-- the family that does Disney together, stays together!

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