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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Many Hats of Disney!

Oh, the many hats of Disney!  Since we are somewhat of an unusual family with unusual pastimes, one activity we do while shopping at Disney is try on hats.

The scenario goes something like this. . . we wander into a shop in any park or any resort.  The husband heads off in one direction and I follow the boy looking at merchandise that is nearby him, but keeping an eye on him.  Then, the husband comes to find us and says, “Hey, Schnooks, check this out.”  He will then be donning some sort of hat he has found in the store.  If he really likes it, he will say, “Get a picture of this.”  This is when I am supposed to take out the camera and get a shot.

Some hats get tried on without a photo.  Others get tried on with a photo.

None of us are safe.  Hats have been donned by all of us at some point or another in the World.

We have even brought our own hats to wear!  The Santa hats got us into the spirit of the Season at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Have we ever purchased any of the hats?  Yes.  We purchased the raccoon hat that we found at Fort Wilderness, two pirate hats, and a jack-o-lantern hat with Mickey ears.

The hat thing reminds me of something that happened during our second Disney Cruise.  We would see this lovely couple each night in the lobby getting their picture taken with the characters.  The first night, the man had on an interesting Disney hat.  We thought he was excited about the first night on board.  The next night, same man, different hat.  Hmm. . . So, on the third night, sure enough, a different hat.  That’s when I decided to ask him about the hats.  He told us that he was a huge Disney fan and was also very difficult to find a gift for.  So, his family, friends, and students (he was a high school principal) would get him Disney hats as gifts.  He had quite a collection and brought several of the hats with him on the cruise.  As the days past, he would often be seen wearing different hats during different times of day.  That, my friends, is an example of Disney spirit!

So, if you and your family are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to experience what Disney shops have to offer, or are trying to beat the heat on a warm afternoon, check out the hats.  They can be found in any shop at any park and at any resort.  Happy hunting!

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