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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fritz's Railroad Restaurant--Crown Center, Kansas City

One way we literally feed the boy's train obsession is to eat at Fritz's Railroad Restaurant at Crown Center in Kansas City where your food is delivered to your table by overhead train!

We have been to Fritz's several times and have enjoyed our visit each time.  The menu consists of burgers, salads, and kid favs like grilled cheese, nuggets, and PBand J.  Prices are very reasonable.

Fritz's is popular and there is often a line to get in and get a table.  The boy and the husband are waiting patiently in the photo above.  Eating at "off" hours helps, like an early or late lunch or early dinner.

The train is the sign that you are getting close to being seated!  There's even an opening in the train for more photos when you get to the other side.

When you are seated, look at the menu, make your selections and then pick up the phone at your booth or table.  Someone in the kitchen will pick up and take your order.  Drinks will be delivered to your table by a person, but not the food. . .

The atmosphere is totally engaging for train fans or any patron in the restaurant.  A bell rings when a train leaves the kitchen.  You never know what table the train is headed for.  Is that our food or is going to another table?  Exciting!
Ah, this time it was ours!  The train dropped of our food and it is slowly being lowered to our table via the movable tray you see above.  The photo below shows the tray almost to our table.

When the tray stops, take the white basket off and take out your food.  Leave the white basket on your table, as someone will be by to pick it up and check on your order.  Time to eat!
The shakes are yummy here and it is fun to order a burger as they all have names.  I prefer the Jody burger.  Yep. . .just like my name!

There are even train displays throughout the restaurant that train lovers can watch while eating their meal.  For the boy, it is close to paradise.

Everyone gets a conductor hat at Fritz's and leaves happy!  You pay at the counter near the door;  just take the ticket your received with your meal.

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