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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fairfield Municipal Pool

Fairfield Municipal Pool

Location: 1403 South 2nd Street, Fairfield, IA 52556 (641) 472-6463

Cost: $4.00 per person. While not posted, it was evident that passes are available.

Hours: Daily 1:00pm -5:00 pm Tues. & Thurs. 6:00-8:00 pm

Description: Imagine a "Z" shaped pool with the deep end on one end of the "Z" and the shallow end on the other end of the "Z." A body slide is included as are two diving boards. A kiddie pool is in another section and surrounded by a tall fence.

Rules to Know: No floaties--only flotation devices that are worn on the body. Dive sticks, goggles, and water balls are OK. There is a line painted on the ground that says that pop must be behind that line, but I saw a lady drinking a can of Diet Coke right next to the pool. Also, the slide says you must be 52" to ride. That rule is not firmly enforced.

Food: Frozen treats only with a price range of $.75-1.25. Pop machines are available. You can bring in your own food, even a picnic. A lady came in right beside us with a cooler.

Cleanliness: Good.

Friendliness: OK--when we first arrived, we asked about height requirements for the slide and the lady in charge at the desk said it was 54" and said there was a stick that was used to determine if kids were tall enough. More about the locker rooms coming, but needless to say she recommended that we leave nothing inside as "they steal here."

Web-site: http://cityoffairfieldiowa.com/utility/showArticle/?objectID=1047

Pros: Nice, uncrowded swimming pool. The slide is has no line typically, so no waiting. There is an edge around the pool that can be used to sit on while watching kids swim.

Cons: There were 7 deck chairs for the entire pool. Lots of empty deck space. There are benches placed around the pool and at the entrance. No zero depth entry. I'm not sure how they get around the ADA requirements of being handicap accessible. The only way into the pool is through the locker rooms. So, if you are a mom or dad bringing a child of the opposite sex, they have to leave you at the desk and make their way through the locker room to get to the pool without you. I asked about taking our 7 year old boy and our friend's 7 year old boy through the women's room and was told that I would have to go in ahead and make sure the women that had just finished water robics class were clothed before taking the boys in. The locker rooms are open to the sky. Only the shower/bathroom portions have roofs. The price of $4.00 per person for what you get compared to Albia at $2.50 a person and The Beach at $5.00 per person makes this an expensive place to swim based on comparible ammenities.

Fun Factor: We had 3 kids total with us and they had fun for two and half hours with a 15 minute lifeguard break. They enjoyed the going after the dive sticks and swimming. Glad we went, but don't anticipate that we will return.

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  1. hear in the water! Few children was staring at me as I swim around and dive in the water. LOL. I dived in the water and attempted to talk underwater. I was hearing mostly muffled noises as I spoke. Still.. It was interesting! :D When it was time to go back to the hotel, I accidentally climb up the pool edge too quickly and my CI fell back in the water! iron gates for sale