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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Germany Pavilion At EPCOT

After 6 trips to the Walt Disney World Resort, the boy still says that Germany is his favorite thing in all of the resort. What makes Germany his favorite? The train garden. Pictured below, is the expansive and multi-leveled train garden that has bridges, tunnels, and towns for the trains to run through and a landscape that gets redecorated as often as the rest of the park. For example, EPCOT was celebrating the International Flower and Garden Festival, so small topiaries of Disney characters were placed in the town in the train garden. Only at Disney!

In the photo above, the boy is pointing out details that
can be found in the train garden.
We know each time we visit Germany it will be 45 minutes or more
before we can move on. We grab a bench and take turns
strolling the shops.

Disney characters can also be found in the Germany Pavilion. Snow White has her own meet and greet location. Singing bird sounds are piped into the area for the meet and greet. Only at Disney!

OK, I must confess that it took us 6 trips to Walt Disney World before we ate at the Biergarten restaurant in Germany. We had made 1-2 trips to EPCOT during each visit, but on our last trip, we made and ADR for the Biergarten. We were impressed!
The Biergarten serves lunch and dinner daily via buffet. The restaurant has large stone arches, multiple levels, and is painted to look like evening in an outside German garden complete with twinkling stars on the ceiling. The food is a combination of German favorites and German delicacies for the more adventurous diners. Know that the tables are large so you may be dining with others or another family. We were sitting with another family with young children. I didn't know that it was a shared dining experience until we checked in for our ADR. While we didn't mind, it could come as a surprise to some.
As you can tell from the photo above, beer is sold by the liter. The husband reported that it was very good.

The Octoberfest Musikanten show is performed during dinner. I understand that this 6 person musical group performs Bavarian music every hour or so for about 25 minutes. Again, we were pleasantly surprised.

Dancing and audience participation is encouraged. While the photo above is a bit blurry, you can see the archways that lead to the buffet area.

Bells and horns were a part of the performance from the musical group. I can say that I had never seen or heard live Bavarian music and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Biergarten in Germany has made it to the top of our list. If a taste of Germany is all you want, try Sommerfest, a counter service dining location right next door to the Biergarten.
The Germany Pavilion is about to get a new sweet treat shop. Also know that at one time a river attraction was planned for Germany, but never came to fruition. When you go to the Germany Pavilion, see if you can find St. George slaying a dragon.
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