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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Busy Week-end Part 1

On Saturday, Bridge View Center was home to family centered events including games of skill, face painting, inflatables, fire truck viewings, and an Easter Egg Hunt. (The Easter Egg Hunt will be featured in Part 2--click here). The family friendly event were sponsored by The Bridge Church.

Checking out a fire engine.

Man, the stilt walker was tall.
There was also a juggler.

Games of skill--throwing the balls into a basket.
Candy was the reward at the end of each game.

Trying my hand at archery to knock down pop cans.

Family Skiing--working as team they went far fast!
The event was free and well attended. What the planners/organizers didn't know was that they were competing with International Day at the mall. (Click here to read about International Day.)
The highlight, and yet shortest part of the morning was the Easter Egg Hunt. Read more in Part 2--click here.

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