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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, March 15, 2010

Boatswain's Marine Park--Grand Cayman

Fresh catch of the day!

On each of our Disney Cruises, we have had the chance to get up close and personal with some kind of wildlife, be it dolphins, stingrays, jellyfish, or sea turtles.

During our stop at Grand Cayman, we selected the Port Adventure (since DCL and Adventures by Disney are now sharing a President, excursions are no longer called excursions, but Port Adventures. . . get it) now where was I?  Oh yes, we selected the Port Adventure of Boatswain's Marine Park and Turtle Farm. After tendering from the ship to shore, we then took a short bus ride to Boatswain's. Our visit began with a tour of the sandy nesting area used by the large adult sea turtles followed by the various pool nurseries. The sea turtles are sorted by size and assigned to various pool nurseries. You are welcome to try to catch, hold, and release a sea turtle. (see photo above.)

Boatswain's also offers a fresh water cement swimming pool which has lavish landscaping including a water fall. The deeper end of the pool has an underwater viewing area into the shark tank. We tried to take a photo into the shark tank with the underwater camera. Like I said, we tried.

There is also a salt water cement snorkeling pool with fish and other creatures. The snorkeling equipment is included in this Port Adventure and there is no tide to contend with, so the boy tried snorkeling for the first time. He did great! The depth of the snorkeling pool varies and offers lots to look at. Don't try to just swim in this pool as you will be redirected. You may also use the snorkeling equipment in the fresh water pool. You just have to go the snorkeling pool to get the equipment and take it to the freshwater pool. You may leave the equipment at the freshwater pool if you like.

Between the two large pools, there is the shark reef with feedings scheduled throughout the day and an aviary which houses an all white peacock. Caution! Iguanas roam freely throughout the park and they are quite large and quite quick.

Since were staying at Boatswain's for the day, lunch was provided. While turtle soup was on the menu we took advantage of other menu options.

Of course, gift shops were located near the exit of the park. They have a special kids shop just around the corner from the first gift shop.

The waterfall in the freshwater pool.

"Ah, now I'm on vacation!"


  1. Thinking of booking with DCL vs. going on our own. Curious about the meal included with the DCL excursion. Can you go to any restaurant? Limited to certain menu items? What drinks are included? Doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there about this. Thanks so much!

  2. We booked through DCL and were given a ticket or voucher for a meal at the grill in the marine park. There were special items available--burger, fries, etc. and a more authentic Cayman Island meal choice. We did both and then shared. The drink--soft drink--was included. Additional items were available for purchase at the grill and packaged items were available in the gift shops, such as cans of soda. You are right, it can be difficult to find additional information, so thank you for asking. Have a great cruise!

  3. I just looked at the price difference between going with Disney vs going on our own. Disney charges $50 more per person. Has anyone gone in a cab? How much is the ride? Thanks.

  4. Not sure of a price of a cab, but do know that it is a 20 minute ride or a bit more from the port to the marine park. Getting a ride from the port may be easy, but not sure the ease of getting a cab from the marine park to the port. Also, consider cost of food. We noted, too, that we were allowed to pick-up the turtles and take our own photos while other groups had to purchase the photograph. We got to use the snorkel gear in both the snorkel lagoon and the fresh water pool and were given access to the entire park, so be sure to check out what is and is not included if you book this on your own.