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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I Did Get A Fireworks Photos--Just Not The One I Expected

Fireworks Photo at Magic Kingdom July 2014

It is customary prior to a visit to the magical place on earth that we determine and share our goals/priorities for the trip.  One of my goals was a fireworks photo at the Magic Kingdom.  It has been one of our traditions to find a Photopass Photographer somewhere in front of the Castle when the Dream Along With Mickey show is going on and inquire as to whether or not they could take a fireworks photos.  We haven't been told no as of yet. . . well, not until our most recent trip. (Click here to read about fireworks photos as a "must do.")  Here's what happened:

The timing was right on. . . we were exiting Crystal Palace and could hear the Dream Along With Mickey stage show happening and we began to approach photographers.  The husband went one way and I went another with the boy somewhere in between, each of us waiting for the chance to ask the Photopass Photographer.  There were lines of guests queued up behind the photographers so we had to wait even to ask if they could get the photo.  Time was ticking. . . the fireworks have 3 blasts towards the end of the show.

My photographer opened up first and I asked if she could take a fireworks photo.  She said "Yes."  I told her I would be right back as I stepped away to get the husband and the boy.  They both came running when I called for them!

We positioned ourselves in front of the photographer and asked how much longer until the fireworks.  That's when we got the news.  "There are no fireworks during the show."  You see, there was a large crane positioned near the Castle for some sort of repair/prep work and due to safety reasons there were no fireworks blasts during the Dream Along With Mickey stage show.

The photographer apologized, and so did we.  There were moments of disappointment.

Yes, we'll have another trip.  But Dream Along With Mickey is coming to an end.  Will the new stage show in front of the Castle that begins in May have fireworks?

When downloading our Photopass photos I realized that there was indeed a fireworks photos. . . at the Magic Kingdom.  It was when we had opened the park and the photographer taking the photos captured the moment!  It wasn't the fireworks photo I was hoping for but it WAS a fireworks photo!
Opening Magic Kingdom March 1, 2016
Oh, and for our next trip. . . fireworks photo AND wave photo at Typhoon Lagoon are on the list!  Less than 90 days!

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