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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, July 19, 2015

By The Numbers. . . Disneyland and Legoland Summer 2015

We have returned from our Summer 2015 family vacation that included visits to both the Disneyland Resort and Legoland California.  We’ve collected stories, anecdotes, tales, opinions, photos, videos, and souvenirs.  Here’s an overview. . . by the numbers:

7—the number of days spent in the Disneyland Parks.  We had 3 day tickets and 4 day tickets.

2—the number of Disneyland Hotels we stayed at including the Disneyland Hotel and Paradise Pier.

2—the number of days we spent in the Legoland Park and the number of nights we stayed at the Legoland Hotel.

570—the number of Photopass Photos on our account.  We paid $69.95 (pre-order price) for Photopass + and with the number of photos taken, it was a bargain!

44—the number of photos taken by the Legoland photographers.

1590—the number of photos taken by one of our cameras.  The other camera had 494 photos.  We take two cameras, plus the phone, as we can run down a camera battery quite quickly. (I've got a lot of photo editing to do!)

2—the number of hours difference in time between home and California. 

3—the number of times we saw Disneyland Forever Fireworks display.  As the boy says, Disney has spoiled us for all other fireworks.  Yep!

12—the number of work emails and text messages received while on vacation. 

1—the number of adult beverages the husband and I both had at Trader Sams—and for our whole trip.

3--the number of times Cast Members gave us wrong information.

3--the number of swimming pools/water parks we splashed around in.

3--the number of the most Fastpasses we had at one time.

3—the number of times I was moved to tears—happy, joyful, goose bumpy tears.

5—the number of months before our next Disney vacation!

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