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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, March 20, 2015

A "Lucky" Relationship

I had an “ah ha” moment about the husband and I’s relationship after attending a family friendly gathering a few days ago where people were sharing vacation and retirement stories.  A wise person mentioned that I was lucky that the husband wanted to go on all of our vacations and that he and I had the same retirement dreams/plans. 

I hadn’t considered that we wouldn’t have the same retirement dreams/plans or that we would want different things from a family vacation.  If that were the case, would we be married and together for 14 years?

We weren’t Disney fans when we got married.  We were, however, adventurers.  Both of us enjoyed traveling.  The whole “Disney thing” we discovered together.  And, as our relationship has grown so have our travel plans and retirement dreams.

We’ve been asked if we would travel to Disney without the boy.  “You betcha!” is the appropriate response.  It is just that we haven’t traveled without the boy as of yet, but both of us certainly would.
Would we ever consider non-Disney vacations?  Definitely.  And, we have.  It is just that each time we experience a non-Disney vacation we realize that we miss the Disney difference; the service, efficiency, and, well, magic.

And, Disney allows for all of us to meet our vacation wants/needs whether it be down time and relaxation, great food, or high adventure.  Maybe that is why both of us, well all of us, lean to Disney time and time again for our family vacations. 

Now, about retirement plans. . . Those plans are in the works, too!  And, the husband and I are on the same page with those plans, too. 

Guess we are both incredibly lucky!

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