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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, February 27, 2015

We Cancelled Walt Disney World

I almost whispered the words over the phone to our travel agent as they were difficult to say, “Cancel our Walt Disney World trip.”  The response was one of surprise followed by curiosity.

Our December 2015 plans had originally included a 7-night sailing on the Disney Fantasy over New Year’s and a few days at the Walt Disney World Resort prior to sailing.  Then, the school calendar was released.  The calendar has students at school and staff at work on Wednesday, December 23.  Even with an early dismissal time that day there were no flights until the next morning.

We had to make a decision.  I called our travel agent on Tuesday.  Even then we knew our park time would be limited leaving on December 24.  I still wasn’t feeling comfortable with the plans.

Then, Wednesday night, after watching Survivor, I posed the question to the husband.  “What if we flew on December 25, spent the night in the Hyatt, and got on an early bus to the port the next day?”  He pondered a bit, looked at me for any signs of disappointment, and then whole-heartily agreed.

I called our travel agent yesterday and whispered the fateful words—to cancel our Walt Disney World trip.  While all of us are disappointed, I explained that it wasn’t like we weren’t ever going to go there again.  That brought a chuckle.  And, we decided to not actually cancel the reservation. . . yet.  There are plans in the works for a visit later in 2016.  So, when reservations become available, we’re going to move the reservation and the deposit. 

Another good thing that came out of the phone call was that we now have airfare for December 25!  We got flights at a great time and somewhat of a great rate.  Our travel agent wondered out-loud about why Christmas this year wasn’t the best day to travel in terms of flight prices as usually flying that day gets one a lower fare.  I explained that it was because it was a Friday.  That explained it!

So now, we have airfare for two vacations and a reason to plan another trip to Walt Disney World in 2016! 

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