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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, February 9, 2015

We Booked Walt Disney World for December and Locked In Park Tickets Before Price Increase

I love it when our travel agent calls or sends an email.  It gives me comfort knowing that she is thinking of us and our upcoming trip(s).  That was indeed the case when there was an email in my inbox asking if I was ready to book flights for our December cruise.  My response to the email was that the Kayak alerts were set for daily notification but that since we weren’t exactly sure when we could fly to Orlando, I wasn’t ready to book yet.  I, was, however, ready to do something else.

Rumor on the internet was that ticket prices for Walt Disney World would be increasing sometime in February.  If we wanted to have some park time before our cruise, I wanted to lock in the best part ticket price.  I asked if we made a reservation and paid the deposit, and then later changed the reservation, would the ticket prices change. 

Our travel agent inquired and found out that as long as we don’t change the dining plan even if we changed other parts of our package—including number of nights—then we would get the lower ticket price. 

So, we made a reservation.  I know it’s easier to shave days from a reservation than add, so we made a week-long reservation including tickets and dining plan.  We are officially booked for December!

Now, these plans are not in concrete yet, at least not until we make flight arrangements.  And at the same time, getting some park time in during the holidays is something all of us would enjoy.

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