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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tried and True Favorites For Our Upcoming Trip

Old favorites?  No.  Let’s call them tried and true favorites; experiences that have become like traditions when our family travels with Disney.

Here’s our list of tried and true favorites that are on our “agenda” for our upcoming summer vacation that includes a Disney cruise and a visit to Walt Disney World:

  • Toy Story Midway Mania.  Hands down, this is our family’s favorite attraction.  Located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this 4D interactive (dare I say competitive) ride is a “must do.”  We plan to ride twice.  Once by going through the stand-by queue right after rope drop—which is the only way to see the talking Mr. Potato Head—and again, right after, with FastPass+.
  • Goin’ down Splash Mountain.  Again, a family favorite at the Magic Kingdom.  One of the longest rides in all of Walt Disney World—Kilimanjaro Safari is almost double the length—with the great drop.  First time riders just have to guess when the big one is coming!  We have a FastPass+ scheduled for this attraction.
  • Downtown Disney.  Even though it is under construction, our family enjoys the slower paced ambiance that does not require a park ticket.  Shopping and dining are tops on our list here.
  • Dining at Rose & Crown in the United Kingdom Pavilion at EPCOT.  I must admit that dining here is a part of a lazy strategy to eat and watch Illuminations while sitting down.
  • Dining at Ohana’s.  Endless, giant skewers of grilled steak and shrimp delivered right to your plate.  Why not?  For me, it’s the salad and the dumplings.
  • Test Track and Soarin’ attractions at EPCOT are also on our “must do” list.  The plan is to ride Test Track after rope drop and we have a FastPass+ for Soarin’.

There you have it.  Our list of tried and true favorites.  It is hard to cap the list as there are many other dining locations that are favorites and we aren’t getting to this trip, like Teppan Edo, Chef Mickey’s, or Crystal Palace.  Guess that’s a reason to plan another trip!


  1. We used Photo Connect in 2012. There is a nice photo op at the end of the ET ride (one in the closet and one on the bike; they will make the end of your finger glow). They do magic shots and have a variety of borders. In 2012, you could NOT add the borders from a website after leaving the park (very different from photopass)--edits involving borders had to be done in the park so you will want to do this before you leave so you don't miss the opportunity. We have the same photo (hand out flat) with a variety of different "magic" inserted. There is a nice photo op inside the SpongeBob gift store. Photographers are in front of the Universal iconic globe and lighthouse (but will likely not be there early; try for those when you're switching between parks). There is a self serve photo option in front of a jeep in the Jurassic Park area--you have to scan your photo card; this one turned out well after a few attempts. I don't see your email address on this site. I can share our Universal photobook from snapfish so you see photos from our previous trip to see some options.

    1. Excellent suggestions, thank you! Our email is toddandjody@mchsi.com. Looking forward to using Universal's Photo Connect and appreciate your insights!

    2. I sent you an invite to view my book. The Spiderman is a green screen; they digitally add you to the cover of the comic. This one was in the gift shop across from the ride.