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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Two Months "To Do" List

Two months from today we will embark on our next, magical, summer vacation.  And while many of the details have been taken care of, there’s still much to do. . .

  • Purchase Universal Tickets—this is going to be a chunk of change so I am pacing myself.
  • Order a tuxedo for the boy for formal night on the ship.  This is done on-line and the tuxedo is delivered to our stateroom.  Already ordered the husband’s!
  • Secure waterproof watches.  These are already in my Amazon cart.
  • Finalize Garden Grocer order.  Again, convenience reigns supreme with this grocery delivery service.  Our “shopping cart” is ready.
  • Select FastPass +’s.  Just learned that FastPass +’s come live at midnight Eastern Time at the 60 day mark.  Planning to stay up late that day!
  • Pack.  Funny story. . . the boy just returned from a 2-day overnight science camp and he was chomping at the bit for days prior about packing.  Yes, I know where he gets that need to prepare in advance.
  • Service car—oil change, etc.
  • Reserve pet sitter/house watcher.
  • Arrange for lawn service.

That’s all on my “to do” list as of right now.  I am sure it will grow the closer we get to our vacation!

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