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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yes, There Will Be Ride And Attraction Closures

It has happened to us before and it is going to happen to us again.  We will experience ride and attraction closures while visiting Walt Disney World.

So far, the list of closures includes It's Tough To Be A Bug, the 4D attraction located in the base of the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  This is somewhat disappointing, but not devastating.  what will be interesting is how this attraction closure affects FastPass+ as it is one of the possible selections at Animal Kingdom.

Another closure we we be faced with is the Webway People Mover, also known as the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.  Again, nothing devastating it is just that we look forward to this little to no wait ride to rest our feet/legs, get out of the sun and heat, and pass some time waiting for a FastPass window to open up for nearby Buzz Lightyear.  I believe the Astro Orbiter will also be closed, but this attraction is not one we typically use or ride.

What does one do when experiencing ride/attraction closures at Walt Disney World?  Well, knowledge is helpful.  Letting everyone know in our travel party that the above listed rides and attractions will not be open during our visit will assist us all in planning.  What can be devastating is promising a child that they can ride a certain ride or visit a certain attraction only to find out upon arrival that the attraction is not available.

The good news. . . it looks like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster will be up and running!  And, we are still hopeful that Festival of the Lion King will be performing in its new location by the time we arrive at the most magical place on earth.

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