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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Picked Up A Few Things For Our Summer Trip

“We aren’t going to use that until we get to Disney!”  were the husband’s adamant words when I brought home the tube of mentha foot cream from Bath and Body Works.  I had asked a while ago if we still had any of the foot cream and he said that he thought we had used it all on our last trip.  You see, the mentha foot cream is a lifesaver at night when we return to our resort room with tired and aching feet.  And, since I had a great coupon from Bath and Body Works—a free item up to $14 with a $10 purchase, I ended up getting the foot cream for free!

Other needed trip items have also been on the shopping lists of late:  a travel pack of wipes, extra toothbrushes, and a Tide stick.  Spent a whopping $3.99 for all of those items!

Why are we buying needed items now?  Well, I prefer to budget for needed vacation items throughout the weeks and months prior to a trip, rather than waiting until right before we leave and making one giant (and expensive) purchase.  And, buying the items now feels like planning and helps build the anticipation.  It also saves money as I can look for our needed items on sale.

Budgeting and purchasing this way does take some planning.  I have a list of needed items taken from the inventory of what we already have.  Hence, the checking about the foot cream before buying.

Need a packing list?  PassPorter’s Guides have great packing lists for Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line.

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