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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, February 24, 2014

Packing Plans and Dilemmas

The packing list for 16 days of summer fun has already be drafted.  And, after multiple vacations packing is typically not an issue.  But, this is the first trip when we would have a short hotel stay, followed by a 7 night cruise, and then 7 days at Walt Disney World.  I'm starting to scratch my head at the best way to pack for this vacation.

Historically, each one of us has a large suitcase for checked luggage that contains our necessities for the length of the trip with accessories being delegated to the carry-on bags.  This strategy has worked well, though, it has caused us to live out of suitcases while on the ship.

I am wondering about packing all needed items for our cruise in one or more suitcase and then have our Walt Disney World items packed in another bag that would not require opening throughout the cruise.  That suitcase could go under the bed for the length of the cruise and then we could unpack  the other suitcase(s) while on the ship.

These are less than $15 on Amazon
Also, Disney Cruise Line has changed the rules and now prohibits using over-the-door organizers--you know the ones with the hooks that hang on a door with the many pockets that can be used for shoes or other items.  With this change, I thought that a closet organizer might be a better choice.  With two closets in our stateroom, there would definitely be enough space.

To be even more efficient, one of our carry-on bags could hold what we need for our two night hotel stay prior to sailing.  This way, we wouldn't have to open either of the larger, checked bags--except to get toiletries.

The more I think about this idea, the more I like it.  But first, I have to revise the packing list into smaller lists--what's needed for the cruise and what's needed for the parks.  I will get right on that!


  1. Did you end up using the hanging closet organizer ? How well did it work ? How well did it fit in the closet ? What are the dimensions of the one you used ?

    We are considering one for our next DCL cruise but are concerned about it fitting in the closet...

    1. Aeryn,
      Yes, we did end up purchasing and using a closet organizer similar to the one shown--but with 5-6 shelves--and velcro loops. It did fit very nicely into the closet and we still had room for items on hangers. We bought it at local discount store--Walmart if memory serves. Know that it is a bit heavy. So we packed it in our carry-on bag so it didn't add extra weight to our checked luggage. I don't recall the exact dimensions, but it worked great--lowering to just above the closet floor and about 12 inches wide. The depth was fine, too.
      Have a great cruise! And, thanks for reading!