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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last Day of Legacy Fastpass at Magic Kingdom

Today marks the last day for “Legacy” Fastpass at the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort.  You may know of it just as Fastpass, rather than Legacy Fastpass, as it is the system guests have used for years—using their ticket media at kiosks near attractions to obtain a Fastpass for various rides and attractions.  Now, guests will be using only Fastpass+ at the Magic Kingdom, regardless of whether they are staying on-proper at a Walt Disney World Resort, off property, or just visiting for the day.  Fastpass + is the process of selecting attraction times and having them digitally attached to an account loaded onto a Magic Band or bracelet that guests wear.

The changes to Fastpass have been gradual, over the last several years.  When we first started visiting Walt Disney World, guests could obtain Fastpasses and the general rule was that the return times listed on the Fastpasses were ignored; guests could return anytime to the ride/attraction after the return time window opened up.  For example, if your Fastpass return time was 1:00-2:00 pm and you arrived at 3:30 pm, the Fastpass was honored.  The rule was unwritten, but widely known and utilized.

Then, in 2011, the rules became written and enforced—guests had to return to the attraction within the return time window.  So, if your Fastpass had a return time of 1:00-2:00 pm, guests had to return to the attraction during that time or the Fastpass would not be honored.  This change ruffled some feathers, including our, but we were able to adhere to the rules and get the most out of our Disney vacation.  At the time of the change, it was reported that Disney was working on some “next generation” technology that would eliminate Fastpasses altogether. 

When we were at the World in July 2013, testing of Fastpass + was evident as was the use of Magic Bands.  You could also see the changes to the attraction that were being added to the Fastpass + line-up such as Pirates of the Caribbean.  This attraction was never a “Legacy” Fastpass attraction, but was going to be a Fastpass + attraction and it was confusing for guests who were looking for the Fastpass machine, only to realize that there is no machine to distribute Fastpass +.

The time has finally come and Fastpass + is sweeping the most magical place on earth.  We have yet to try it and at the same time are looking forward to giving it a whirl. 

What intrigues me is how non-Disney entities are responding to the changes.  For example, there are people who make money devising and selling touring plans that include the use of Fastpass.  What are they doing now?  Are they directing prospective guests on which Fastpass +’s to select prior to their trip?  What happens to the first time guest who hasn’t done much homework( believe me, we have seen this!) and they arrive a part and are invited to select their Fastpass +’s?  Or, the planners who have yet to commit to which park they will visit each day and want to select Fastpass +’s online for multiple parks on the same day so that they can get up that morning and decide which park?  The Fastpass + system, by the way, does not allow that to happen—only 1 park per day to pre-select Fastpass +.  And, given that the system will not allow guests to select Fastpass +’s for more than one park on one day, what incentive then do guests have to add Park Hopper option—which allows guests to go to more than one park in a day-- to their park tickets for an additional fee? 

These questions will eventually be answered by Disney themselves or others who figure out the system.  In the meantime, we are having a moment of silence at the Williams household for our departing friend, Fastpass.


  1. First let me say that I found your blog while starting the planning for your first Disney trip. I have dreamed about visiting Disney as a little girl and now finally I get to take my two little toddlers .. we leave next Saturday!! :D Your blog has been SOOO helpful.. you have no idea! I have read EVERY article (even if it didn't pertain to Disney World, I read it anyway.) You're a great writer/story-teller. :) So thank you for sharing all your tips, tricks as well as your vacation stories! :)

    As for fast passes, this being my first time at WDW I have no experience with them, but we did purchase Park Hoppers & I'm kinda sad that we can only choose fast passes for only 1 park. That kind of makes no sense and really could be in Disney's best interest if they offered another set of fast passes for another park with the purchase of park hopper (could make a huge incentive for some to add park hoppers to their tickets.)
    Just my little 2 cents rant :)

    I also want to add, that I read on a message board of some people actually CANCELLING their Disney World vacation BECAUSE of them getting rid of the legacy FP. They were that upset. To me that seems a little TOO extreme. I'm just hoping those people that cancelled were suppose to be there the week I'm going to be there so it's less people in the park! :)

  2. LOL oops that was suppose to say:
    First let me say that I found OUR blog while starting the planning for your first Disney trip.

  3. LOL oh my gosh... oops AGAIN.. 3rd times a charm (if you want to delete the one time before this lol)
    that was suppose to say:
    First let me say that I found YOUR blog while starting the planning for OUR first Disney trip.

    1. Rachel,
      Your words touched my heart! EVERY post? Wow! I don't even think the husband has read EVERY post!
      It sounds like you have a magical vacation in the works. Good for you!
      Yes, I agree that right now there is no incentive for park hopper due to Fastpass + selection limitations.
      Cancelling vacations? The husband would agree with you. . . makes more room for him!
      Make some magical memories!

  4. Say it isn't so. I was hoping for at least one more year. I heard they are letting people get additional Fastpass+ as they are available after you use up your first three. Is this true?