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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A New Set Of Matching Shirts For Our Next Disney Vacation

This shirt has been in our Zazzle.com "cart" for a while.  One day last week, Zazzle released a 35% off code via Facebook that was good for one day and we missed it.  Total bummer!  Then, over the week-end, a 50% off code was released but not for t-shirts.  That's when I commented. . . something about extending the code to t-shirts as I had missed the 35% off code earlier in the week.  Zazzle then asked me to message them with the email that was attached to our Zazzle account.  No problem.

A Facebook message came the next day with two discount codes that I could stack and get a great deal--good only for that day.  No problem and now the shirts are on their way to us!  Another set of custom shirts for our next Disney trip!

Zazzle.com is our "go to" for designing custom t-shirts--this was our 10th order.  I appreciate that I can design at any time and then put the shirts in the "cart" and wait for a sale or discount code.

I even have an idea for another set of shirts--Olaf from FROZEN.  There is a print "out there" with him on the beach.  Zazzle doesn't have it yet, but they do have other FROZEN images for customization.  I asked Zazzle to let me know if they get that image--hoping they will.

If you want to know why we have carried on the tradition of wearing matching shirts when we travel--click here to read more.
The "customized" back of our shirts.
Here are some of our other custom designs from Zazzle.com:

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