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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, August 26, 2013

We Met Merida!

When traveling to Walt Disney World, a priority list is necessary as it is nearly impossible to see and do everything.  Each of us has a “these are the things I really want to do” list for each of the parks.  For me, meeting Merida, was tops on the list for a day at Magic Kingdom.

The entrance to the Fairytale Garden
So just after park opening at 8:00 am for extra magic hours and meeting our Long Lost Friends—click here to read more, the husband and the boy headed to Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, grabbing Fastpasses to Buzz Lightyear on the way, and I made a beeline for the Fairytale Garden, next to Cinderella’s Castle, to wait for Merida.  The guys knew just where I would be and planned to join me after their ride.

Even though Merida would begin greeting guests at 9:15 am and it was about 8:45 am, there were already 3 families in front of me in the line.  No Cast Member was there yet, so we took turns directing other guests into the line.

The boy and husband arrived shortly and soon we were being counted off and sent into the garden.  Only a certain number of guests can enter the garden at a time. We were told to move all the way forward along the inclined path to make room for others. 

Merida greeted each guest with enthusiasm.  And those blue eyes!  They were nearly the color of her dress!.

Merida signed autographs, spoke with an accent, posed for pictures, and gave hugs all around.  A Photopass photographer was on hand to take photos. 

The Fairytale Garden, which we have seen through multiple transitions—Storytime with Belle (which is now embedded into Belle’s Enchanted Tales), a meet and greet area for the Tremaine’s (how fitting that it was just outside the Castle), a meet and greet area for Rapunzel, and it is now themed for Merida with archery equipment and beautiful tapestries.  The only thing missing. . . her brothers!

Our recommendation is to get in the line early, just as we did.  The line was nearly to the Castle even before the character meet and greet opened.  The line, though, is somewhat shaded.  Be sure to listen to the music and enjoy!


  1. I have now been to visit Merida three times two of which were with the same cast member. I got a photo of the 2 of us doing a silly stunt with a pen between our nose and lip. I printed it on a shirt and got a different CM to autograph it. Of course that wasn't good enough I came back wearing the shirt and found my favorite Merida. I now have a shirt with that picture on it and hopefully will get her to autograph it in September. Then I will don the shirt for a third photo.

  2. She was the same CM that you have in your article.

    1. Good for you! Sounds like Merida is one of your favorites--us too! Good luck with your quest for your next photo and thanks for sharing!