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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, July 27, 2013

We're Back From Trip Number 11!

We’re back!  We just returned from a wonderful summer vacation at the most magical place on earth! 

Here are highlights and recaps of our trip. . . by the numbers:

11—number of nights we stayed at our Disney Resort, number of trips we have made to Walt Disney World as a family, number of days it rained during our trip, and the anniversary we celebrated while at the World.

980—Photopass photos on our account.  Now to edit and order the CD.  We had Photopass + this trip, so look for more details on how that worked.

1471—number of photos on our other cameras including 280 on our waterproof camera.  We snorkeled with the sharks and rays at Typhoon Lagoon and got some great shots!

3—number of cameras we brought with us, number of times we rode Toy Story Mania on ONE day, number of water parks we visited, including Schlitterbahn in Kansas City, number of ponchos we used, number of pairs of shoes we threw away during our travels, number of nighttime spectaculars we viewed during our trip—Wishes, Fantasmic, Illuminations.

13—number of NEW Disney characters we met on this trip.  One might think there would not be any more Disney characters for us TO meet, but that would not be accurate.  And, there are still more we have yet to meet.

10 of 11—number of Disney Princesses we met this trip.  Pocahontas was the only Disney Princess to elude us.

2—number of hours our flight to Walt Disney World was delayed.  It was a direct flight, so all was okay.  We were just a little late getting to the magic, that’s all.  Number of shows the husband was in—AGAIN—both Indiana Jones and Backlot Tour, number of times I supplied first aid to other guests (a bloody nose and a cut head), number of blisters on the husband’s feet, number of “Limited Time Magic” themes we were able to experience during our trip.

5—number of loyalty/reward programs we utilized while traveling for perks, discounts, and various rewards:  AirTran A+ Rewards, MyCokeRewards, Landry Select Club, LEGO VIP, and Hilton Honors, number of dining photos we came home with due to them being included either with the meal or with Photopass +.

33—number of MyCokeRewards lids we brought home with us in a baggie.

16—number of hours we toured Magic Kingdom—from rope drop (AM extra magic hours) to Wishes. 

4—number of pears we brought back with us from our GardenGrocer.com order.  Good thing too, as the refrigerator at home was pretty empty.

350—number of days until our next Disney trip!

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