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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Ups and Downs of a Disney Vacation

Blogger Aaron DelPrince recently published a post about the emotional Highs and Lows of a Disney Vacation—click here to read more.  His writing spurred yet another Disney discussion with the husband which inspired our own Disney ups and downs list.

Planning—definitely a Disney high.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, but this gal likes doing the research, talking with the family about what they would like and then putting it all in motion.  Helping other people plan their magical Disney vacations also gives me great joy.

Anticipation—another Disney high!  Researchers have proven that anticipation is a more pleasurable feeling than surprise.  Just an FYI for all of you out there who want to surprise someone with a Disney trip. 

Getting There—for us, is a Disney high.  Yes, I know, there may be some controversy over this category especially when it might include multi-day car or train rides, but even those long treks can be filled with magic.  This category used to be more of a Disney downer, but now we look forward to driving, flying, and arriving.  That feeling of trying to will your mode of transportation to move faster and get you to the magic—love that feeling!

Everything In It’s Place—is a Disney high.  I’m talking resort room or stateroom here.  Living in close quarters with all the “stuff” for multiple days can take its toll but when systems are employed to keep items in certain locations, it can save time—and frustration.  No more looking for lanyards, shoes, and Key to the World Cards while trying to get out the door in the morning.  (Amazingly, items can get lost and misplaced in such a small space!)

Waiting—a Disney downer.  While long wait times for rides and attractions can get to even the most patient person’s last nerve, the husband said that waiting for something you don’t want or care about can make it worse.   He likened it to waiting to see the Disney Fairies, something he didn’t want to do or see.  The choices are to split up or suck it up.  He is a good sport and thankfully, there are not many occasions during our Disney vacations when this happens. 

Talking to Other Guests or Cast Members—a Disney high!  We very much enjoy talking to other Disney guests and Cast Members and listening to their stories.  This even happened just the other day when we were at a nearby water park as another visitor struck up a conversation with us in the “lazy river” as if she knew us.  I told the husband that we must look very approachable, even in swimsuits!  Visiting with other guests and Cast Members can also take the sting out of “waiting.”  So, if you see us, be sure to say hello!

Pin Trading—a Disney high for the boy and the husband.  Okay, while I get my thrill planning, they get a thrill pin trading.  I understand, I just don’t participate.  Someday I will get it on video as it is a hoot.  It begins by either one of them asking a Cast Member to see their pins.  The visual scanning of the pins comes next.  Now if it is just the husband, he will make the trade.  If it is the boy, who happens to have his own lanyard of tradable pins, and he spies a pin he might like, he then brokers a trade using pins from his Dad’s lanyard.  Something along the lines of “My dad will trade you for that pin” followed by the husband being brought into the trade, with the boy completing avoiding trading his own pins.  I’m not doing justice to the whole thing with words, but trust me, it is funny!

The hot, tired, hungries—definitely a Disney downer.  Add the hot, tired, hungries onto confused or need to make a decision and it is a potentially explosive cocktail.  The hot, tired, hungries are not just reserved for the youngest members of traveling parties, but anyone of any age, at any time.  Our remedy to the hot, tired, hungires is to try to prevent them before they happen if at all possible with breaks—sitting down, getting a snack or something to drink, and find a cool spot.  If the hot, tired, hungries still rear their ugly head the solution is to stop.  Stop right then and take a break to cool off, drink, eat, etc.  Recognize the symptoms in your traveling party as they may not always be able to articulate their feelings.  We find frequent drinking and snacking to be helpful.

Being ahead of the crowd—definitely a Disney high!  Our touring style is such that if there are more people behind us than ahead of us, we are in good shape.  Instead of happening upon a character meet and greet, we arrive ahead of time and are some of the first in line.  Our goal is to be a rope drops when parks open and take advantage of the smaller crowds early in the morning. 

Returning home—can be a Disney downer, but it doesn’t have to be.  While leaving the magic can be disheartening, leaving knowing you made the most of your Disney vacation can lead to contentment.  There is still more to look forward to—photos, telling stories, unpacking souvenirs, etc.  And, the very best way to combat the leaving the magic feeling, is to start planning your next magical vacation, or better yet, have it booked before you leave for home!

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