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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, June 8, 2013

How We Decide What Matching Shirt Sets to Wear

It is already evident that wearing matching shirts every day of our vacation—including travel days to and from our Disney destination—is part of our fun family tradition.  Click here to read more about why we wear matching shirts.

But what is not so evident is the decision making process of how we decide on what set of matching shirts to wear each day.  So here goes, our thinking behind the shirt decisions:

Sometimes the weather helps us decide.  In the photo above, after spending the day at Downtown Disney and the afternoon hanging out at our resort, the weather had turned a bit chilly.  We had, luckily, packed one set of long sleeve t-shirts so the weather made our decision easy for what to wear for an evening at EPCOT.  Dining at Rose & Crown with a lagoon side table for dessert and Illuminations were on our agenda so the warmth of the long sleeve shirts was welcome.

Our decision for this day was easy as it was St. Patrick's Day and wearing of the green seemed logical.  It was also a travel to Walt Disney World day with flying and such.  A special occasion or holiday can help with the decision making of what shirts to wear.

This set of shirts came from Animal Kingdom and they feature Animal Kingdom, along with a reference to Tigger and Pooh, so we decided to wear them on our day touring Animal Kingdom.  Tigger was curious about his mention on the shirt.

 Speaking of characters, they are another reason to pick specific shirts to wear on specific days.

Our shirts with Little Green Men or Aliens from Toy Story were a hit at Hollywood Studios when meeting Buzz and Woody.  We knew we would be meeting Buzz and Woody that day, so wearing our LGM shirts was a good choice.

Or when we met the Incredibles while wearing our Incredible t-shirts.  The characters were flattered to find themselves on our custom shirts.

But not all characters are pleased. . .

Sully was unhappy to find only Mike featured on our shirts, so he blocked the camera and then refused to be in our picture.  Mike came eye to eye with our shirts, too.

Sully finally came around. . .

We have a surprise for Sully as he is on our new Monster's Inc. shirts that we will be wearing to meet him on our next trip!

Minnie thought it was funny that Donald was crashing through our shirts and couldn't wait to show him. . .

But by the time the pictures were taken Donald was a bit less grumpy.  These shirts also match the background!  Another criteria for selecting these shirts to wear to EPCOT that day was that we had already worn them to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios on two previous trips respectfully, so we wanted to wear them to a different park. (I knew that through pictures!)

Sometimes our shirts are "announcing" something such as the ones in the photo above.  We wanted folks to know we were "Dreaming of Christmas on the Disney Dream" so wore these shirts on our way to the Dream and when boarding.  We have also worn shirts announcing the husband's birthday and wore them on the day of his birthday. 

Here is another example of matching the message on the shirts (which say Disney Cruise Line) to the occasion and location. 
This particular set of shirts was our one and only set designed at Downtown Disney's Design-a-Tee and we had a great time wearing them at Magic Kingdom. 

So go head, wear funny shirts or silly hats.  It is Disney!  Characters and Cast Members love it.  You will have a great time and create wonderful  and magical memories!

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