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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's Not Just Me!

It’s not just me!  When it comes to being a fan of all things Disney, I am not the only one in the Williams household.  And, there may be some competition as to who is the biggest Disney fan in the family.

I would have to say that pubic perception is that I am the “pusher” of Disney in our household.  It may have started that way, oh so many years ago, but the pendulum has swung.  You see, the husband has now joined a closed community on Facebook for self proclaimed Disney Nerds; it’s a fan club.

While I haven’t joined, I have eavesdropped on the discussions from time to time about dream vacations, planning trips, best places to shop, Disney trading pins, favorite attractions, etc.  He has even gone so far as to have some of his Disney Nerds friends become friends on his regular Facebook.  I am happy that he has found a community that supports his happy hobby and a family passion.

A dinner conversation the other day (we have lots of good dinner conversations) was reflective about people who spend their time dedicating themselves to their work; their job.  Only to discover that they may not know who they are or what to do when retiring.  And while retirement is a ways off for both of us, we thought about what would happen if it came sooner rather than later.  Would we continue to be fulfilled and spend our time being useful and purposeful?  What we discovered was that we have many joys and interests that our entire family participates in—Disney being one of them. Where one Williams family member goes, so go the rest whether it be theater, soccer, or swimming.  That was a good feeling and a good discovery.

So, it comes as no surprise that the husband is now reigning supreme as the biggest Disney fan in our family.  I just want everyone to know that it’s not just me that is a huge lover of all things Disney!

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