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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh, The Lure of Disney Trivia Contests

Maybe it is the lure of the competition but somehow our family is drawn to trivia contests, especially Disney trivia contests and during our December 2012 Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney World vacation, we definitely took part in some Disney trivia challenges.

Our first go was with a Disney Cruise Line trivia contest held on the Disney Dream in the adult entertainment section of the ship during the port day in Nassau.  Since we decided to stay on the ship, the husband and I headed to the session while the boy was in the club.  With pens and paper ready, Callie from the Cruise Staff, lead us through the questions.  Little did I know it was multiple choice and I had fun writing down the answers before all the choices were announced. There was only one question that gave me fits.  Let’s just say we smoked the competition in that round and were the recipients of lovely Disney Cruise Line key chains. 

In addition to meeting Callie, this is also where we met Mark and Suzy Perry from Atlanta who sent us great photos of the boy being crowned Holiday Prince of the Sea. 

Still high from our victory, we entered another Disney trivia contests of sorts on the evening of our “at sea” day via Family Fusion.  Our first win was being chosen to participate in the family game show as only 3 families are picked from the audience.  We were in the lead until the final round and ready to enter this challenge again on our next cruise.

Another evening the husband and I decided to give “Match Your Mate” a try.  The boy was in the club and we headed to Evolution in the adult entertainment area.  In order to participate we had to enter a “dance off” with the audience choosing.  We were in the final two couples who vied for the last spot on the contest, but alas, did not make it to the stage.  We did enjoy watching and decided that we weren’t ready to “share” that much and were somewhat grateful at not being chosen.  If you haven’t seen “Match Your Mate”, Disney Cruise Line’s version of the Newlywed Game, I highly recommend that you catch it the next time you sail.

On the last evening of the cruise, I headed to Studio C for a Disney Trivia contest offered in the Personal Navigator.  It was fierce competition.  There was one question that had two possible answers, which I pointed out to the host.  The question involved a previous name for a famous mouse—of which there are two answers.  I finished in the top five.

After we disembarked the ship we headed to our Walt Disney World Resort, Coronado Springs.  The afternoon was spent soaking in the pool for the boy and the husband, or lazily napping by the pool by me.  Until that is, a Disney Princess Trivia contest was announced to be played poolside.  I retrieved paper and pen from the entertainment staff and proceeded to listen intently to the questions.  I met a lovely lady from Dallas who was sitting near and quickly became part of Team Williams, as the husband and boy were participating from the pool.  No prize or stellar finish for this contest, but we certainly had fun and got to recall all that we knew about Disney Princesses.

In addition to the competition, I think we enjoy the memories the Disney trivia questions evoke.  We also play better as a team, as a family.  I would have done much better in the Disney Trivia contest on the ship, with more Team Williams members with me, and I shared that with the husband and the boy.  Alas, that was what Walt had in mind all the time; providing activities that would allow families to have fun and make memories together. 

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